Every day is more important to give a good impression to get a job. Especially if we have realised that the tails of unemployment in Spain they don’t do more than increase and jobs are becoming more unstable and little lasting.

If you are looking for a job because you begin to delve into the professional world after finish the studies, or perhaps if you are unemployed for a long time, it is likely that you don’t know very well what to do to apply for employment and do not die in the attempt.

Has changed with the years the way to apply for employment?

Actually, Yes, and in addition, it has changed a lot. Nowdays the platforms for searching jobs that once were a safe way to get a new employment, have been become completely obsolete and are not capable to cover the great offer of work that there is facing a tiny demand.

In fact, each time the most current point is an offer of employment where there are others 1500 candidates reported waiting to their cv passing the filter of the company and achieve a new job. In the best of the cases they dismiss you and they will come to see your electronic mail and ignored it directly without reading it due to lack of time and due to the large amount of pending candidates. In the worst of the cases, you will not ever receive an answer but the offer will remain active for months without any apparent change.

In this situation, is clear that we have to search new forms of call the attention to get jobs. By misfortune is not already enough to look into at all hours in all possible platforms of employment. From doncomos you are encouraged to take the reins of your own profesional destination and contact directly with the company to request employment.

Cómo escribir un correo electrónico para solicitar empleo


When do we write an email to apply for employment?

You can make a first filter between companies seeking candidates, and try to present yourself directly by phone. You can even make a list with those companies in which you would like to work and you put directly in contact with them to test luck. If it costs you a little to sell yourself by phone, you can also admit yourself by mail.

In any case, it is because you have spoken with them and they have liked you or because you want to put yourself in contact with this company, the following step will consist in write a mail electronic to request employment. Let’s see how to do it.

What do you need for How to write an email to apply for employment?

To write an electronic mail to apply for employment you are going to need

  • Computer
  • Addresses of contact
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Instructions for How to write an email to apply for employment

Step by step to write an electronic mail to apply for employment

  1. Find the addresses of electronic mail of the Department of Human Resources. To make it there is nothing more simple than calling to the company in question and request it. Sending an email to the wrong person can mean that your cv end up in the trash without nobody has arrived to read it. Many people don’t take the discomfort of redirecting them to the Department of Human Resources, don’t forget it.
  2. Indicate in the subject the person who the e-mail is directed to (if you have taken a name is more correct, because it can be a shared email) and the reason why you get in contact with them directly. It can be “application for employment for the job xxx” or “shipping of cv of xxx”.
  3. It is important to be concise and include a brief letter of presentation. Forget the standard models and try to be a bit closer. You have to think that who’s on the other side of the computer is not a machine, but another person like you, and if you connect with him it will be easier to make you case.
  4. Your cover letter should be short and direct. Think that the greater part of the people who are going to read in diagonal, so it is important to highlight the key elements.
  5. Don’t forget to guide your letter in relation to the position which you are applying or well in relation to the company that you are interested in. If you send your electronic mail because you like the company, do not cut yourself and say it directly. Everybody likes to be pampered and be telled that we do things well and that someone is wanting to work with us.
  6. Add your cv in a file separately. You can make any type of mounts. Nowdays there are precious videocurriculums, people that is decide to create a kind of presentation of his professional life, or those that are decanted by a model in pdf that allow to the interested print the content and rating it with others members and responsible of Department. The important thing is that in all cases you write well defined your skills, your knowledge, your studies, your tastes and your professional experience. Also you can explain what you can bring to the company and be brief and simple.

Tips for How to write an email to apply for employment

One last tip to write an email to apply for employment

You always have to remember to include your cv in this type of emails. Don’t do it is a serious error and make more difficult the work of the selectors. You think that these people are all day watching professional profiles, so how much less labour you give them,  it will be easier for them.


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