In the last years we have assisted to the development of new terms in English used to be called some important realities. Perhaps you’ve heard talk of work Mobbing. Since we have an acronym for little resemblance to the Spanish most likely not know what means. Mobbing is a very serious problem affecting many workers and which consists basically in cases of harassment.

People who suffer mobbing in the workplace are people who are isolated and humiliated, and in many cases even threatened by one or several stalkers. He greater problem of all this process is that in the greater part of them sometimes the problematic seems to ignore is and nobody makes nothing to the respect. On other occasions although it identifies what happens it is likely that the victims and their relatives do not know what they have to do or how to end the situation.

In the mobbing are, usually, two actors leading. On the one hand this the harassed / and the other the stalker/a. Them / as stalkers is distinguished by its strong personality that try of impose through factors psychological and social, the greater part of the times, to the harassed / to. Them / as harassed / as, by his part, begin to experience a strong feeling of stress that has been defined as a syndrome of burn-out.

If want to know more on how is the work mobbing has arrived to the site right. Throughout this article I will present their most common characteristics so you’ll detect it and put an end. If you want to know more about how labour Mobbing is read.

What do you need for How is work mobbing?

  • Identify what is happening

Instructions for How is work mobbing

  1. Causes of mobbing: the first point when trying to identify and put an end to the case work is the determining causes of mobbing. You must be wondering what is what fosters this kind of harassment and responding to the initiatives of stalkers or whether this abuse is fostered, in any way, by the company. If it detects that mobbing is caused by the way of organization or operation of the company will be your responsibility transform entire structure to ensure that it is terminated to this kind of behaviour.
  2. Motivations of mobbing: the second step that we must take out to know why it happens perhaps work is trying to define the personal motivations of stalkers. Of this form may treat will of put end to the situation of form much more effective. The factors that most tend to feed this type of behaviors are fear and envy. In occasions them harassing fear losing their own work and begin to harass to them companions that perceive as more capable.
  3. Strategies of harassment: there are also trying to identify strategies of harassment that use. The more common are them of damage the image personal and labor of the worker
  4. Types of mobbing according to the hierarchy: there are different types of mobbing and there is that treat of identifying them. The companies, usually, are organized in a mode hierarchical. As a result we have a mobbing that acts in the same way. We can therefore speak of three subtypes of mobbing: upward, downward or horizontal. hierarchical.
  5. Types of mobbing by objectives: we can also try to establish different types of mobbing according to the objectives pursued by the stalker. In this case should focus us in them motivations that lead to the stalker to make mobbing to another companion. In these cases we usually speak of four types of mobbing: strategic management, perverse and disciplinary.

Tips for How is work mobbing

  • As soon as you are aware that you are suffering mobbing in your labor environment you should encourage to denounce the situation. On the contrary will continue being very frustrated / to in your work and suffering the abuses of your stalker.
  • If you have that in your company there are some workers suffering mobbing also should encourage them or yourself to report it without import that you are not the victim. The passivity of the companions in a situation of mobbing is another of the major problems when faced with the task of eliminating this practice of workplace harassment of all companies.
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