Burger king is a multinational company of fast food that is present in all the world, the food that offers are delicious menus mostly of hamburgers, although usually offer also desserts ice cream, bar free of soft drinks and even menus of salads.

In almost all Spanish cities, Latin America and all over the world, there are one or more Burger King restaurants just around the corner, so it’s a great idea to develop a career in these restaurants.

If you are looking for employment have children to the site indicated, since in doncomos.com, we are going to teach you step by step, all what must do to work at Burger King.

What do you need for How to work at Burger King?

  • Reside in the province where is find the restaurant, there are 577 restaurants different in Spain so it will be simple of find.
  • Have your CV well written and clear.
  • Sometimes also look offers jobs for this company’s way online, for example in infojobs.
  • Good try with the customer, desire of learning and some ability for work in the kitchen.
  • Meet them studies minimum of studies, do not tend to ask more than that

Instructions for How to work at Burger King

  1. You decide the restaurant where you want to work
    The Burger king franchises, i.e. restaurants by third people, who pay a Commission or royaltie brand are Burger king, so they have total freedom in hiring, so that you will have to go there to ask for work, choose a restaurant in the same province, close to your home and you preferably need employees to increase the chances.
    Cómo trabajar en Burger King
  2. Write your curriculum vitae.
    Put hands to work and the model europass write your curriculum vitae, preferably usa, includes experience, studies, personal data, certifications, a recent photo and data about you. Do well drafted and without spelling mistakes.

    Cómo trabajar en Burger King

  3. Register at the employment office
    If you have not done so yet, go to the employment office of your place of registration office and ask one of the employees that you register, doing so they will give you a card where can tell you the day you renew, you must be given here to work.
    Cómo trabajar en Burger King
  4. Go to the restaurant and delivery your candidacy.
    Goes to the restaurant more close with curriculum in hand, and with a smile, give it to the Manager of the establishment, your curriculum will be revised with the rest of candidacies and if is selected will be called, in case of wanting to do it by internet, if there are offers available, go to the link of infojobs named previously.
    Cómo trabajar en Burger King
  5. Sheets and training.
    If you are selected, will pass to sign the contract of work with the company, not you will offer a salary very high due to the nature of his since. Will start filling some chips training on your work and will receive a small formation of schedules, try to the customer, how cooking, how serve…, and a time made will be another worker.
    Cómo trabajar en Burger King
  6. Endure until the end.
    In many establishments Burger King, the rhythm of work is very high, especially the end of week and much people decides to resign. From doncomos.com we recommend that you hold until end of contract, unemployment is high and work in Burger King can make you grow in your curriculum and find a better job in the long run.

Tips for How to work at Burger King

  • Be clean and careful: in these restaurants value to people that know have clean their positions of work, so not every in cleaning.
  • Be fast: If is called of food fast is by something, you must be fast serving the food in them chains Burger king, since the people seeks speed, so not is sleep.
  • Care with put high titles and qualifications: the companies where ask few titles tend to penalize to the very formed people, tend to prefer people with little training since someone with much training could find something best and leave it, also to the responsible they do not like people more intelligent that them because they do not like to be corrected, so if you this subtitled , do not dude in removing any qualification of the curriculum.
  • Be kind: the customer service is key in Burger King and all the establishments face to the public, you should respond with the best smile customer, solve it doubts and correct all the bugs that can commit, the customer always has the reason, that if, also avoid entering drunks and troublemakers since that can scare away customers such as families or elderly people.
  • Do not despair: If you have trouble finding employment don’t despair, persevere and ultimately end up finding something, if you had any experience working at Burger king and you want to count it, do not hesitate to write a comment.
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