H & M is a shop of clothes of fashion quite famous in our country. H & M manufactures both clothing for man as for women in which offers clothing of quality to a price popular and competitive.

In these times of crisis work in H & M can be a good job for the future choice, especially if you have taste and knowledge for fashion and elegance and are willing to work in the face to the public.

Work in H & M is simple, from doncomos.com you are going to teach some simple steps to get work for this prestigious brand of clothes.

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What do you need for How to work at HM?

  • Computer with internet access and browser updated, recommended Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Be over 16 years of age and be registered unemployed.
  • Comply with the qualifications required for each since.
  • Better liked by the fashionable and good presence.
  • Be ready to work face to the public.

Instructions for How to work at HM

  1. Registration in the employment office:
    If not it has made even, must be registered in the office of the INEM to perform any activity paid of way legal, do not go to H & M an exception. Go to your nearest office with your ID and your degrees and enter all data to a professional, this score you unemployed and will give you a card about the dates that should renew the strike. If you have between 16 and 18 years must go with their parents or tutors legal give you permission to work.
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  2. Prepare your resume:
    Write a good resume for the request. Remember put a recent picture that look favorable, their experience, their personal data their work and skills in the curriculum. Preferably use the europass model because it is more professional and that do not occupy more than one face, two as much, always without faults of spelling. A time finish save it in format PDF to occupy less space and no nobody can change it.
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  3. Preparation:
    Working at a clothing store requires knowing certain skills and have some knowledge, they tend to vary from one profile to another but the more general need to comply with them. They are having a presence decent, namely make calculations simple, to be good by placing tags, to watch that not is comment thefts, clean, advise to the customer on fashion. If not has of these skills is better that before practice a little, if you do not go out perhaps this is not your ideal job.
  4. Go to the web:
    From H & M only will allow the electronic applications, so do not approach to a store to deliver the curriculum in hand. Enter to career.hm.com, go to the tab of employment, choose your since and town favorite to work and choose an of the options that leave, you advise choose which more suits to your profile.

    How to work at HM

  5. Read with detail:
    We advise you to review it carefully before deciding on any proposal. This is due to find out which best fits your profile or to comply with the requirements of the offer. Click the offer which prick make sure read well, when you find the right offer, so click register.
    How to work at HM
  6. Fill in the form:
    A time has been given to sign in, should create is a new user with your email, password and name of user. A time is created must answer certain questions as data personal and of residence, studies, experience labour and some questions specific related with your work. Also should attach the curriculum drawn up previously.
    How to work at HM
  7. Waiting and training:
    If you pass the process of selection, they will notify by phone or by email to perform an interview and some tests, if you pass them you will be hired and must perform a training before incorporate to work. A time has made his training H & M you will pass to work where you will indicate all what you have to do.

Tips for How to work at HM

  • Work as model: If you has very good physical can choose work as model, for this go to an agency of models e sign is, a time has entered, the processes of selection of model is made in Sweden in the office central of H & M. be model is a life very sacrificed but is an option labor more.
  • Tips to keep the employment: in H & M is valued the presence physical and the elegance. Go pristine to work with the uniform ironing and clean always giving good image, take care of your physical doing exercise of weights and cardiovascular and a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Also take care of your skin and keep it with a good presence also in the face and in the hair. Regarding the work you must make case to their supervisors, be punctual, hardworking and do not extricate it.
  • Here you have a link to our category of work where you can perhaps find that job you’re looking for
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