Decathlon is a large sports area where you can find sporting goods of all kinds, be it sportswear, shoes, kitchenware bodybuilding, etc.

Work in Decathlon can be a good idea labor especially if you’re young athlete, besides do not ask experience in some positions, can also allow you combine studies with work, so in, we are going to teach you how simple is work at decathlon.

What do you need for How to work at Decathlon?

  • Computer with internet access.
  • Your resume well drafted in format .doc or. pdf.
  • Fondness for the sport.
  • Have the qualifications required.
  • Desire to work.

Instructions for How to work at Decathlon

  1. Register at the employment office.
    If you never worked, must soon point to your employment office, go to office jobs in your area with your qualifications and sign up, they will give you a card to find out the dates of renewal, this will allow you to be registered as a job seeker
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  2. Access to this website
    If you access the web word hyperlink, takes you directly to the human resources section of decathlon, will come where indicated several offers, choose offer complying more with what you claim and what you have..
    Cómo trabajar en Decathlon
  3. Choose your offer preferred.
    Now must decide where to work, it will depend on degree, of his age, of its physica activityl, for example for working at central offices tend to ask degree upper and for the stores do not makes lack much degree, nor so even experience, so itis very good option start by there.
    Cómo trabajar en Decathlon
  4. Select the region.
    On this map you will choose the region where you want to work, we advise you to choose some close to his home, pick the autonomous community and then the town, advise you to first choose places of new opening, since they will have more demand for workers than the already opened.
    Cómo trabajar en Decathlon
  5. Fill in the form of new users.
    In the screen then must choose new user, and fill this form with their data, must be sincere and have a great availability geographical, to the end attach your CV of your computer, if is selected will be called by phone to make an interview, to the send the form already will have has in decathlon and already may send to more offers of work without need of register in again.
    Cómo trabajar en Decathlon
  6. Keep your position.
    If you are called to work must meet the obligations of this, first you will give a small training to learn to do your job, after they send you to your destination. Be professional, be clean and ifyou  work in shop be athlete and keep good image, make case to your managers and help in what youcan, only you can keep your job.
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Tips for How to work at Decathlon

  • Ask for several positions: If you want to be sure to obtain a job, send your resume to all offers that you can, all over the country if you can travel.
  • You have your well-written resume: on a sheet, clean clear, europass, photo format in recent.
  • Like sports: in a Sports store is often choosing sporty people, so staying in shape and often carry out sports activities.
  • Count his experience: have you worked in decathlon?, that perhaps did you?, feel free to comment on your experiences in this magnificent place of work.


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