Despite the campaigns of environmental awareness, it is true that all the time is consumed great quantities of fuels, so it seems logical that the employment in the sector of the fuels is in a boom.

Keep in mind that the oil companies should get agreement with the Governments to explore and drill, but once they have all the permissions advance by giant steps in the construction of the oil plant, and both its construction as its exploitation require labor.

Would you like to be part of this productive sector? Do you want to work in an oil plant? Below you can see some tips to get it.
If you want to access to this job, you first should check if you have those requirements, by this way you know that you are not losing the time or that you need to prepare yourself if you want to occupy a job in this sector.
Normally work in an oil plant only will require to be of legal age (older than 18), having finished minimum studies (studies until high school finished) and finally go through a test drug.
In addition if you want to be truly competitive is better if you are formed in relation to the position which you want to access or have the skills that will be needed. Although sometimes the company can offer specific training courses, the truth is that if you already have experience or training in this field you will have more points to get the position.
Cómo trabajar en una planta petrolera


To work on an oil platform is necessary to have certain minimum certifications, as for example, prevention in occupational hazards at a general level or for example specific level of knowledge about underwater performing welding and has the corresponding certification.

Although is frequent that the companies are charge of this procedure for their workers, it is suitable to know what you will need to request a visa if it were necessary to work abroad or in international waters. In the offer of the job is normally the details where is located the oil plant so you can request the information with advance.

Until you can be hired will be required having passed certain vaccines according to where the oil plant is placed however, it is possible that the company give you a period of time to put them. But if you really want to be competitive it is best to have the vaccines as soon as possible, so you can be qualify for jobs that need to be covered by maximum speed. Some of the more common vaccines that are requested are the hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, measles, the fever typhoid, rubella, mumps, meningitis, and even of fever yellow or some considered of seasonal influence.
Cómo trabajar en una planta petrolera

Training is a key point to be able to stand out from other candidates for the same position.

Looking for courses of training that allow you to develop any specialty that can serve you for working in an oil platform. In addition there are some schools that give specific courses in this oil field, what also will help you to add points.

On the other hand keep in mind that certain specialties require a certificate issued by the State that indicates that the person is qualified and can work on an oil rig, this is the case of welders and electricians, for example.
In addition is required to obtain the certificate of survival and extinction of fires, especially if you are working abroad. Although  it is a good idea have already this title normally the same company offers training in this sense at start of the engagement.
Cómo trabajar en una planta petrolera

Of course before applying for a job it is important that you consider if you are physical and mentally prepared for this. Keep in mind that the shifts tend to be of 12 hours followed and the minimun stay at the platform is two weeks, although this depends on of the company, without having a free day, because then you get, in this case, one or two weeks free. In addition you should think if you can withstand extreme climates as sweltering temperatures or wind and constant waves. With regard to it mental recalls that an oil platform is a place where the danger is located in each turned of the corner, and you always must to be alert and be cautious. Finally think that here is handled much weight daily so your physical force and resistance are important.
Cómo trabajar en una planta petrolera

If after the earlier description you like working in an oil plant then request the job you want and for which you are qualified. Some of the positions for beginners are: drilling pawn, pawn of mouth well, assistant, painter, waiter, biker, or cook assistant.
Cómo trabajar en una planta petrolera

Tips for How to work in an oil platform

  • If you want to request a special job first train yourself as well as possible before the request.
  • It is better that you always ask for lower positions and  as a beginner learn as much as you can and from there upload jobs.
  • Opt to positions of high level requires much experience in oil plant, not only degree or upper qualification.
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