Conflict at work is one of the major problems that exist in the business world, when appear conflicts in the world of work, normally business performance decreases because we are not working in a suitable climate and unnecessary discussions make work more slowly.

The conflicting situations tend to be difficult of carry on, because tends to be always involved any person too difficult to dominate and that goes to go with their ideas until the end, and on the other hand have people too shy that is van to leave tread.

Having small disputes and discussions, to serious cases of work harassment. What know is that as soon as possible are resolved them conflicts, before may return the company to the normality and return to the good labour climate.

If you want to resolve labour disputes and do not know how, do not miss this article at on how to resolve disputes.

What do you need for How to resolve work conflicts?

  • Patience
  • Ability to mediate
  • Read these instructions carefully and put them into practice

Instructions for How to resolve work conflicts

  1. Calm the atmosphere:
    At first calm the discussion that is taking place, it gives very bad image of a company that two or more people are speaking with a tone too high or using crude and inappropriate language at their workplace. Send the employees far one of the other, when the encouragement is calmed a little, this way get avoid that the conflict comes to the hands and hand get do assert our authority and win us the respect.
  2. Individually speaking and listening to all versions:
    Now go to speak to all those involved in the work dispute, this must be separately to avoid disruptions and a reproduction of the work dispute. You will have to listen the versions of all and the versions of the witnesses that were present in the conflict.

    Cómo resolver conflictos laborales

  3. Look for the real cause:
    Now that we have all the versions, we try to create in our minds to what may be the real version, this is the most difficult part since each one will shoot to defend it and its friends, as well as the boss could be the reason your favorite employee. Must always treat of be neutral, do not leave us lead by favoritism and must to the end trying to create the real version of all happened in that and in more conflicts.
    Cómo resolver conflictos laborales
  4. Stop the situation:
    Once we know the situation, we must try to nip it, how to do this will depend on the root of the conflict. For example, if we are talking about a small fight by a discussion simply relaxing environment and make them see that it is nonsense, if it’s harassment at work will already reach much stricter measures to avoid that you will not see repeated never more this situation.
  5. Punishment:
    Sometimes it is necessary to punish to prevent conflicts, if happen in small discussions just give a warn toyour employees or a small punishment as a suspended day from employment and salary so they subside. Whether it’s harassment at work will have to go to the internal regime regulations and dismiss the employee with disciplinary dismissal, since thus marks it the legality.

    Cómo resolver conflictos laborales

Tips for How to resolve work conflicts

  • Prevention: To do not have to get to resolve a conflict, it must be tried to prevent in the greater measure of it possible, if you got prevent the conflicts properly, avoid situations uncomfortable for all. At first place do not must hire employees that can have fame of conflicting, in second place will try to guarantee a coexistence good and of respect in the company, for this will avoid things conflicting as them enchufismos and the try to uneven. When we delegate tasks to any employee, try to don’t be too authoritarian and try with respect to his subordinates, finally will be able to opt out of certain measures for the promotion of the Fellowship as football matches between the members of the company, trips paid for by us, which require team work and activities that are fun or make employees to work together to promote a better coexistence between them.
  • Witnesses: many witnesses also should be ready, because instead of trying to mediate and separate, can encourage the fight and the conflict increase. Try the employees to act as first mediators to avoid one major conflict. You also try to avoid creating small groups within the company, it could result in rivalries and that certain employees felt were displaced.
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