The work harassment is, sadly, a reality quite present in great part of the companies and places of work of our country. Detect and recognize the abuse labor not is always a task easy but is essential that is carry to out said recognition to improve the conditions of work of many workers.

In work harassment we usually find one or more stalkers who mistreat one or several of his companions. Eventually the victims begin to present problems of stress that can result in serious cases of depression and anxiety. All of this will affect, among other things, on the productivity of workers but also on their physical and emotional health. As you can see the work harassment it is enough dangers and has very negative consequences, and this is the reason why there are try to recognize the labor abuse and put an end immediately.

Throughout our article of today will try to of offer you the key to know how to recognize the work harassment. Pay attention to the following instructions and put them into practice in your work environment.


What do you need for How to recognize work harassment?

  • See your work enviroment

Instructions for How to recognize work harassment

  1. Observe the mood: the mood of workers is something very important. If you want to detect cases of harassment at work you must be very attentive to this point. Those workers harassed have to maintain some levels of stress very high. If you observe that one of the employees of your company shows stress and insecurity all the time certainly is suffering this type of harassment.
  2. Analyze the words and them gestures: another of them issues that can help you to recognize the abuse labor is observe them relations that exist between them workers and treat of analyze them words and those gestures. The beleaguered live in a continuous offense by their stalkers. The greater part of them times the abuse is pretty obvious and recognizable.
  3. Analyze them critical: the critical are something very common in all the works. However not all the reviews are equal. In any work environment we find positive and negative criticism. A beleaguered always get negative and nothing constructive criticism and in most cases we find to completely subjective criticism.
  4. Detect insulation: bullied workers are isolated from the rest of the working group. Also tend to be discredited and ignored in any workshop.
  5. Observe the physical contact: another of the ways of treat of recognize the abuse labor is analyzing the contact between workers. In the previous section, we pointed out that a harassed worker will be isolated and ignored. This can be seen in the contact between workers. We only do not mean the physical and direct contact that can show this isolation but also the absence of calls and other corporate contact as, for example, the email.
  6. Observe cases of violence: cases of violence are often the easiest to recognize. Of course we do not only refer to the physical violence but also to the verbal. The threats, the boycott to the work, the damage to the image labour and personal of the harassed or the reduction of the wage without a real motivation are some of the more common forms of violence in the work abuse.

Tips for How to recognize work harassment

  • Work harassment is one of the most common problems in all the companies. Denounce this situation is not something that only must make the person harassed but also is responsibility of the company and of the rest of companions. The company, as the most important agency, must try to ensure its smooth operation and detect and eliminate possible cases of labor abuse.
  • On the other hand it complacency or lack of interest of the rest of fellow is another of the big problems at the time of eradicate the abuse labor. There are many the colleagues that detect this type of practice but not treat of put you end. He accept this type of harassment to another fellow les makes accomplices of the situation of abuse and harassment. Therefore it is also your responsibility to denounce such practices and help the victim of abuse.
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