It is mandatory for anyone who wants to start within the workplace has a Social Security number and knows what this is. Similarly you should know the social security number if you are pensioned.

Sometimes when we look for a new job and made us an interview is very common among the questions, what is our social security number. If while we have a job, during that period we could suffer a mishap, the Social Security helps us out of a bad situation.

So when looking for a new job, the contractor must be very serious. You suffer any mishap that could damage the company, for that and other reasons, no one can afford to hire someone seriously without asking their social security number.

Whatever the reason, if you have requested your social security number or if you want to know for other questions, we will help you to resolve that doubt.

Today we will explain step by step how to know your social security number. It’s not a really difficult process. You just need some documents and follow some few instructions to know your social security number.

If you do not know well how to get it, do not stress more, this instructions will be of great help to you to can easily get your social security number in a short time.

What do you need for How to know your social security number?

  • ID
  • Health Insurance card

Instructions for How to know your social security number

  1. One of the easiest ways to get your social security number is calling attention to the user to phone 1-800-772-1213, here as requested you and your names and your ID to check if you are an existing citizen. This is done, you can continue to ask for your social security number.
  2. You can also tell it by payroll. Any payroll belonging to any brand or company where you’ve worked, usually has social security number printed on top. Even if the payroll is old, because the social security number does not change ever, will be useful in order to achieve your affiliation to the Social Security number.How to know your social security number
  3. Commonly, also you can find your number on them recipes medical. When medical care is given by the Social Security, in the medical prescriptions must be written the number.
  4. If you signed a contract with any company, here also you should see your Social Security number.How to know your social security number
  5. If carry you ID, you can go to some ambulatory close to where reside, and request your number. You can find it trouble-free.
  6. You can find your Social Security number on the health card that you use when came to go to the doctor, in the overlay. You’ll see two numbers in the part front, the top is the number of the card that have and under this is the number of affiliation to it security Social, that is the number that seek.How to know your social security number
  7. In unemployment filings also listed, you will find it listed in the resolution of the same.
  8. You can request it in the Treasury of the safety Social, only have that carry your identification. In fact, if you go here, as well as give you the number, I can give a duplicate of your health insurance card if needed.How to know your social security number
  9. You can also find it in your working life. You only have to review this document to locate the part showing your number of affiliation to Social Security.

Tips for How to know your social security number

  • Either be requested the number of Social Security to be able to acquire a new job or to let go of another. Always is convenient have to the hand this number, because without it would be leaving behind large benefits that us facilitates the Security Social.
  • It is convenient to note your number of affiliation to Social Security and keep this note in a place accessible for when you need it. If possible even good to memories it and be careful in the future.
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