It has finally come your first day of work and you are probably very nervous! Is time of, or incorporate you for first time to the world labor, or enter in a new company and do new companions of work and possibly in a future, new friends.

Be which is your case, surely will want to know how impress in the first day of work, or at least, how behave you without those nerves you play a bad last.

Impress on the first day of work is difficult?

It really isn’t, but the simplest thing to impress in the first day of work is to take this experience as a true adventure. I always remember the first days of work in companies as a before and an afterwards, a perfect time to face new challenges and to begin a new career in which acquire knowledge, skills and win more force, both personal and professional.

If you go overwhelmed thinking that are going to do this or that wrong, probably you only get more nervous. Think simply relax, listen much and take good account of all what you are telling and people introduced throughout the day.

If you want to know how to impress in the first day of work, do not wait more and read this post to know some tricks that are like pearls. Let’s begin!
Cómo impresionar en el primer día de trabajo


What do you need for How to impress on the first day of work?

To impress in the first day of work are going to need:

  • Have a new job
  • Be quiet
  • Read the next post
  • A very positive attitude and close

Instructions for How to impress on the first day of work

Step by step to impress in the first day of work

  1. Sleep well. Rest is essential for having a good picture the first day of work. If you arrive with dark circles as a vampire and the hair scrambled, probably prints, but not in the good sense.Cómo impresionar en el primer día de trabajo
  2. Dress up formal but comfortable and without renouncing to your style. Begin onyour first day of work has to be done with a suitable and comfortable look. I know it may seem silly, but the clothes say a lot of people. No costumes you because the rest of the time you have to maintain your style, but try to go a little arranged. Above all do not take your shoes dirty or the shirt that you love but is already slightly used…
  3. Arrive early. Punctuality is a very important element for the new jobs. The first day go out from home with enough time to know the route and know how much traffic you expect. If you arrive very soon, you can give a ride around the office and enter when are 15 minutes left to the start of the day.
  4. Smile and be likeable. There is nothing better than a beautiful smile and a pleasant attitude. Win all your new colleagues from work wearing your bright smile and your good character. Without a doubt they are your best two weapons.
  5. Try to remember the names of the new workmates. The first day, normally, you have to all them companions with which going to work the rest of the time. It may be people with whom you’ll share office, you will have to be reported, or who will be in contact with you through other departments. Remembers their faces, your physical location within the company and if you can, their names. I know that is difficult, but at least try it. When I leave monitor on Charter trips and I have to remember the name of every traveler, I usually carry a notebook where I write the name and some physical feature that are easy to remember. In this way it cost me much less to memorize their names.
    Cómo impresionar en el primer día de trabajo
  6. Pay attention to the explanations that are giving to you. The first day is a day of contact, but it is normal that some workmates deal with you and begin to give you a quick training so you can begin your duties and work. Try to sign all what you count and pay special attention to the details that have gived to you. It will be of great importance for the performance of your work.
  7. Get familiar with your new work environment. your table, your Chair, your computer, your extension… you do with your space and begin to customize it. It more important, in addition, is that check if already are given of high in all those systems within the company. For example, if you already have an extension of phone, an address of email, theaccess to the programs that you will need to work… in contrary case, try to learn about who is in charge of these labors to have a hand and activate the process.

Tips for How to impress on the first day of work

A last advise to impress on the first day of work

Especially don’t get nervous or become overwhelmed if you do not understand everything at the first time. It is normal, it is the first day of work. That’s it, points all the doubts and questions that you can have and are without solution and resolve them gradually along the days.


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