If you’re not Spanish, you can read this from another country, or you have visited to a relative or friend in Spain and you would like to reside and work in Spain, you want the following information about how to work in Spain.

The economic growth that lived in Spain in the nineties  years of the last century and first years of this have given step to a deep economic crisis with extremely high levels of unemployment, that went down in a very slow rhythm. But even so, this can be that you do not fate when it comes to find a new life in Spain, and therefore, a job to live in this country, or you even think to spend only one season in Spain before going to other European countries with greater economic stability, for that it will be very useful work in Spain.

There are essential requirements that may not represent you do not effort, or on the contrary, pose a barrier to overcome. The most important thing is the language, because except for a minimal amount of jobs, you will generally need to know Spanish. If you are American, of any of them countries with which Spain maintains ties of cultural and historical brotherhood, talk, and do not have problems in the communication at the time of search employment. If you are from another country, you will have to learn our language.

With luck, the Spanish is one of the languages that more students study in the world, and for this, there is the Institute Cervantes in numerous countries worldwide of the planet, where you can go to learn the language, and surely you will not be difficult to find any school or private Academy where learn it, if not is the second or third language in the educational system of your country and on that way it can be learned. Then, you give all the key to know how to work in Spain.

How to work in Spain


You must be older than 16 years, have a visa and a residence and work permit. People who are nationals of certain countries of the European Union are exempt from the process of the visa and work permit. In addition, if you apply for a job that requires the possession of a title, for example, University, this must be validated before.

Forms of working in Spain

There are three type to exercise an activity work in Spain: work by own, as autonomous or creating an own company, as an employee, i.e., within a company, and as the contingent of foreigners workers, which the çspanish Government can approve the access to people of nationality not Spanish that do not reside in Spain, depending on their sectoral needs of the inernal market of work.

Hired by a company

If you want to work as salaried, hired by an employer, you must request the authorization of residence temporary and of work in the Office of foreigners that exist in the province where the company is based. The applicant to the job may don’t live in Spain in irregular legal situation. The application is may ask for a work specific and for a geographic location determined, do not using for another. The validity of the request will be of a year, although it may renew.

The Spanish, European and resident, priority

When an employer asks hire a person without nationality Spanish, must give several requirements previous. For example, must not have Spanish workers, or of the Union European or foreigners with legal residence registered as seekers of employment for that work and in that town, or the reciprocity in the field labor with the country of origin of the worker.

But there are exceptions to these requirements, which are as follows: be in a position of trust; be a spouse or child of a foreign already resident in Spain; be a needed worker for Assembly by a facility renewal; be refugee; be stateless; be in charge of parents or children of Spanish nationality; having born in Spain; be child or grandchild of a Spanish in origin; be younger working age and under the tutelage of the State without the possibility of returning to their country of origin; having worked temporarily in Spain for four years and have returned to the home country; be a country with a special Convention, such as Chile and Peru. Another exception to the priority for Spanish, residents, and community workers is the employment which is sought in the catalogue of occupations of difficult coverage of the province where it is going to work.

With the application approved

Once the application that has presented your future employer in the Office of foreigners of the province where you are going to work, the Administration has the maximum of a month for reply, accepting it or denying it. In the latter case, you can not work in Spain, but if they accept it, you must apply for a visa of residence and work in within a month in the Spanish Consulate nearest you.

You must submit the following documents:

  1. The completed and signed visa application form.
  2. Resolution of granting of the authorization of residence and work.
  3. One passport photo.
  4. Passport in vigor or ticket, with a minimum duration equal to the requested period.
  5. Document or certificate that accredits your identity and country of origin.
  6. Certificate of criminal record, or equivalent document, in the case of being of age, issued by the authorities of the country of origin or the country or countries in which has resided for the last five years.
  7. Certified physician issued and stamped by a health center duly legalized and translated into Spanish in your case.

Once granted the visa, it must be picked up personally before one month from the notification, and then you should come to Spain in the three months later. When you are in Spain, you must request the identification card of foreign, before a month, in each Brigade Provincial of foreigns and documentation.

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How to work in Spain

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