The supermarkets DIA are one of the supermarkets more popular in Spain, the chain DIA is characterized by their offers and their prices reduced without neglecting the quality of those products.

This chain of supermarkets is going up much and is opening each time more supermarkets in all the country, these supermarkets can be of several types:

  • Supermarkets DIA: Life supermarket, small size, few employees and some products not available.
  • Maxi DIA: Huge day supermarkets, which have a large sections of butchers and fishmongers, many employees and warehouse.
  • Franchises: Just like supermarkets, but carried by a franchisor that takes care of everything as a freelancer.

Due to its growth, as shelf-filling and cashier work is much in demand lately, this multinational hire enough people for its supermarkets. If you want to work of comforting ATM in this supermarket chain, from we are going to teach step by step how to work in a day.

What do you need for How to work at DIA?

  • A computer with word processor such as Microsoft Word.
  • A printer.
  • Internet access and browser updated.
  • Want to work.
  • A recent photo.
  • Learn to write a curriculum vitae.
  • Basic notions of understanding spatial and mathematical calculation…
  • Availability for a course of a week on how to be self-filling and cashier at DIA and to be held in the capital of your autonomous community with expenses paid.

Instructions for How to work at DIA

  1. Write your curriculum:
    The first step choose the option we choose is a good wording of our curriculum, in first place will unload the template europass for European curriculum, then we must put our personal data, phone number and an address, followed by a recent photo. Now pass to our degrees academic where indicate the studies that have and the year in which them have finished, then would go it experience labor and other data of interest as carnet of lead or course of manipulative of food. When finished save the file of the curriculum in our computer.
    Cómo trabajar en DIA
  2. Deliver it in store:
    A good option is deliver the curriculum in shop, in first place will print the curriculum to a face in our printer, then  bring to the establishment DIA in which you want to go to work and with much respect and education, deliver the curriculum vitae to the Manager of the establishment. When DIA need employees, called by phone to charge and this will give you your data.
    Cómo trabajar en DIA
  3. Online:
    If we go to we can fill in a form in a way similar to a resume, indicating in addition our expectations of working day and wage and the mode that you prefer. Finally will send our curriculum vitae drawn up previously. When day need employees, he regarded sent resumes and will choose the best and will contact them.
    Cómo trabajar en DIA
  4. Interview:
    If you are one of the elected, you will be contact and inform of that you must perform an interview of work, is usually by it tomorrow and is in the offices central or in the center of training of your community autonomous. Attend along with others aspiring of it community, in first place is you will explain in that is your work (clean, box, replace, warehouse…), then is held an examination in group that consists of two parts, the first are several sums and the second is play a drawing to paper, are simple but have little time. Finally you will fill in a form and it will make you an individual interview with typical questions about your future or your geographic availability plans.
    Cómo trabajar en DIA
  5. The course of training:
    To those who have passed the selection process, will be called to make a week-long course, is usually done in training centres, lasting a week and they get paid transportation and food as well as give you accommodation. Here you will learn to use the box, some basic concepts of the supermarket and they will teach you one important thing. At the end of the course they will give you the uniform and tell you that day you start to work at DIA.
    Cómo trabajar en DIA

Tips for How to work at DIA

  • To work at DIA: to work at DIA is quite hard in comparison with others supermarkets, although are very friendly with the schema, make more functions that in other supermarkets. For example in some supermarkets have specific people box, specific people to replace, specific people to clean and store specific people. In supermarkets day do everything, you dictate box, you dictate to replace, you dictate to manage warehouse and you dictate cleaning establishing. Usually work between 6 and 8 hours from Monday to Saturday and earn from 700 to 1000 euros depending on the provincial agreement.
  • Types of contract and career: in DIA you can hire different forms, contracts for holiday, in which they will hire you a month or two to cover holidays of other employees, even if you do not renew, is very common if you do well you will have work all the years when an employee is on vacation. If you are young you will make a contract training in which will work 6 hours daily and is wins something less that the normal. Today get at DIA a indefinite contract is very complicated, if you are very good what tend to do is chain you contracts doing you a contract new when the previous finishes.
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