Renault is a brand of automobiles French of a great impact international. In territory Spanish, Renault is always present due to the large volume of cars and dealers existing in our country.

There is so much workload, is needed that also has factories of cars outside France, as in the province of Palencia in Spain there is a total of 3, one in Seville, one in Valladolid and another in Villamuriel de Cerrato.

The largest of all is one of Villamuriel called Fasa Renault, being one of the main engines of employment in the province, giving work to some 20,000 people including people from Palencia, Aguilar de Campoo and keep.

Work at Renault can be chain Assembly, logistics, paint or engine among others. The most normal thing is working on the Assembly line since it is a job that with a little training can be any person who has a minimum of idea.

If you want to work at Renault in one of these factories, from we will teach you how to work at Renault.

What do you need for How to work at Renault?

  • Be over 18
  • Completed compulsory secondary education.
  • Computer with connection to internet.
  • Do not have any disability that would prevent work in chain.
  • To move you to Palencia, Seville or Valladolid to perform the tests.

Instructions for How to work at Renault

  1. Engine of employment:
    Renault has recently outsourced its recruitment, now the company’s Manpower temporary jobs is done, to begin call the website engine, in which they ask different data as your personal data, your contact details age… Then begin to write the resume on the web, which include all the studies, the experience in the world of work and all the language and computer skills.
    Cómo trabajar en Renault
  2. Psychological testing:
    If pass the initial selection process, a Manager will call you by phone and will quote you a test, you must bring ID and qualifications you have, since it will teach them at the beginning. Held together with more people selected a series of 3 psychological test, the first is of a visual test in which is you will be a given in which is you will show several faces and to the side the given disassembled, must choose between 4 options of given disassembled, the second is a psycho test standard, in which you will fall tests math as follow series , testing linguistic as synonym and tests of culture general, finally have the test specific of skill, where is put to skills test used at work, tend to be problems of gears, understanding spatial and pulleys. You will need a certain time for each test, at the end of the same note, be told if it is suitable will go into the next test.
    Cómo trabajar en Renault
  3. Test of skill and job interview:
    Dexterity test is the next step, you must perform a series of 3 tests with a pneumatic drill, the first is place 4 sheets in the order listed, the second is placed in a sort of triangle a few sheets and the third is a few screws with cover where indicated. Before the test is you will explain and is you will leave two hours of training, the evaluation of the test is totally subjective. After the test is you called to an interview that same day, in which are you will make several questions typical as for example: why do you want to work here?.
    Cómo trabajar en Renault
  4. Medical examination, training and practices:
    To the finish the interview you will not tell your note, but you are called after a time in case of be chosen, in case of go selected will pass a medical recognition and if it passes must perform a week of training to charge of the company, you will explain a little how to work and after two weeks of practices at the factory , if you approve the training you will be given a contract for 6 months, extendable to one year.
    Cómo trabajar en Renault

Tips for How to work at Renault

  • Conditions: work in chain, day of 8 hours to shifts, morning of 06:00 to 14:00, afternoon of 14:00 to 22:00 and nights of 22:00 to 06:00, wage base 1100 euros with pay assessed, availability to perform hours extras, training free but not paid, the company provides all the equipment necessary as boots, helmets, mono of work…
  • Supports: Fasa Renault offers a series of supports for them employees, an of them is a small help of ones 500 euros that is will give for to search a thing, must request it helps in the own company.
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