Nissan is a Japanese multinational dedicated to the manufacturing of cars of an industrial way and in chain, this chain highlights by the high quality of their cars with famous cars as the Nissan Almera, the Nissan Skyline or the Nissan Micra, in addition to its range of cars luxurious called Infinity.

Sure you are reading this article about Nissan because you are unemployed, you need work to feed you and your family and no doubt improve your economic situation.

You will have to choose multiple job options in almost all countries of the world if you decide to work for this major company, although the most common work is used in assembly line to manufacture the car piece by piece.

Nissan has its own selective process to work, so from we are going to show you all the steps to work in this great company.

What do you need for How to work at Nissan?

  • A computer with a browser of internet updated.
  • Comply with those minimum requirements of the position in which you want to offer.
  • Connection to Internet.

Instructions for How to work at Nissan

  1. Nissan Jobs:
    Many people believe that work at Nissan seeks from, nothing is further from reality. Nissan has its own work website which is, you only have to enter here, choose the language Spanish at the top and then press tab professional search in which we will pass to the next stage.
    Cómo trabajar en Nissan
  2. Professional search:
    Now as if it were a video game will move on to the next screen, this is the easiest part of all, we must deploy the tab search jobs Nissan and pick the desired country, we will choose Spain. To the do it is we will open a window pop-up with the next step.
    Cómo trabajar en Nissan
  3. Create account for Nissan racing:
    In this tab we will give access to them works of Nissan, in which the people enter to your has of Nissan. We must create a pressing where puts: “Please click here to create a has new”.
    Cómo trabajar en Nissan
  4. Data:
    Now after accept the political of data and privacy, already can begin to fill data as the email, the password that are going to use and a question of security that will have to respond in case of having forgotten our key.
    Cómo trabajar en Nissan
  5. Creation of our curriculum:
    Now will leave us the menu main with all possible configurations that you can edit, we now are going to focus on the curriculum in edit profile and curriculum management. First we have to put our real name, our telephone and email contact address of House among others. Then go with your work experience where will put all the jobs that have had, in that consisted and them skills that have developed in them, finally are going to put our training academic already are languages, titles, degrees University… Keep and move to the last step.
    Cómo trabajar en Nissan
  6. Search for offers and send it to them:
    Now go to the part of search vacancies, here we will choose several options, from countries (in España we have Madrid,Ávila and Cantabria), then we will move to find the departments in which we want to work from human resources, production, passing attention to the customer or sale. Finally choose the type of contract that we want and the schedule, click Next and you will leave us all disponibles(cuando yo lo hice no había ninguna por desgracia) offers and must click on which you want, read the requirements and if we meet them ask the application to this offer.
    Cómo trabajar en Nissan

Tips for How to work at Nissan

  • Work: I’ve never work at Nissan, but I get an idea of what is to come after applying for the job. In the first place if you complete the profile you will contact by phone and cited you for a skills test and a personal interview, in a similar way they do at Renault, then if the raisins will make you a medical examination and you will spend to do some kind of training on the job you want to play. Finally pass to enter to form part of Nissan and will be until end of contract of which know their duration.
  • Warnings of the work in chain of mounting: If is seems in something to the work played in Renault (which is possible because are companies sisters), the work in chains of mounting is a hard work, monotonous, repetitive and that is not for all people, because you going to spend 8 hours performing the same task that usually be from welding any piece of the car Insert cables, making wheels or take care of the electronic system among others. Assembly line work can be bad in the long run for the joints of the body since they atrophied by always making the same movements (8 hours doing the same), it could also affect you in mental way since it’s pure routine.
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