Surely you will know what is Kiabi; and if not you will, it is a chain of clothes very important who’s origin is French, that has expanded and has become very known for many years in Spain and other countries of the world. The people buy much in these shops because is characterized by having low prices and a good quality, in addition to the option of to buy by internet.

Kiabi aims to expand all over the world, more so for years, and incorporate people who work for the company, providing different types of jobs for various working conditions that may arise. So here we will show you how you can work for this French company. Do not miss it!

Instructions for How to work at Kiabi

  1. To enter and apply you for work in the team of Kiabi, only have that enter to the website: “”, then go to the bottom part  of the page, and do click where says “employment”.
  2. You will open a page that has with all the possibilities of working according to your situation labor or student. These are:


  • Jobs for the students: If are studying, this company, allows you make your practices in it, counting with tutors of the team of Kiabi who may help you and guide you in this road.
  • Jobs for those who are recently entitled: If you are recently entitled, you can start your career at Kiabi, where you can overcome and evolve according to your skills and responsibility.
  • Jobs for professionals: If you take time to exercise a profession, you can enter to work at Kiabi and bring all your knowledge and help the development of the company and the brand.
  • Jobs for future franchisees: If you are a dealer and would like to have your own clothing business, you can open a new franchise of Kiabi and thus form part of it and its expansion around the world.
  • Job offers: Kiabi website, there is a section called “Offer of employment”, there you will see all the vacancies of work that there is, and you can also filter by areas, types of jobs, etc.
  • Spontaneous and voluntary candidacy : If your profile professional do not fits with these nominations that you present above, then, Kiabi offers you another way to incorporate you to their team. You can send your Curriculum Vitae to the company and they can tell you if there is any vacancy that fits in your professional profile.

What do you need for How to work at Kiabi?

  • Internet
  • Have necessary conditions to apply you to some of the works offered.
  • Count with Curriculum Vitae.


Tips for How to work at Kiabi

  • Attempts before applying yourself, have your Curriculum Vitae full and well drafted.
  • In the web page of Kiabi, you also can see all the information referred to the company, and other paragraphs as page of facebook, twitter, etc.


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