Iberia has been the company air of flag in Spain for many years, since its foundation in 1927. In 1944 became completely from the Spanish State, managed from the National Institute of industry, and returned to be completely private in 2001, when it was trading on the Madrid Stock Exchange, until 2011, when it merged with Britain’s British Airways, forming the “holding company” International Airlines Group (IAG), which currently is the third airline in the world by revenue , after Delta Airlines and American Airlines.

Iberia has two companies subsidiaries, Iberia Express-dedicated to the flights of radio short and medium- and Vueling-flights “low-cost”-, and a franchised, Air Nostrum, that works with destinations within Spain.

Iberia was the first company in flying from Europe to South America, in 1946, from Madrid to Buenos Aires, at moment in which their flights began to have hostesses aboard. Now, it flies to 78 destinations and 46 countries worldwide.

In Iberia work around 20,000 Professional and is logical that as great company air is the first objective of who want to work in the sector in Spain, from pilots to mechanical, passing by hostesses and stewards, or personal of Earth. If you want to work in Iberia, we give several indications to do so.

What do you need for How to work at Iberia?

  • Meet the minimum requirements in general
  • Have the qualifications required for each position
  • Review periodically the portal of employment of Iberia

Instructions for How to work at Iberia

  1. Basic profile. If you want to present you to the work positions that goes offering of way periodic Iberia, it first that you must have in has is its profile Basic or general that you must meet, before enter in other considerations. Is expected to have a big commitment and a personal identification with the project of Iberia, which relies mostly on target customer so you have a satisfying experience that is committed to the society, and that is dynamic and flexible, with a multicultural and involved working environment with continuous technological innovation that respects people and diversity , for which seeks to offer them always equality of opportunities. Also must have capacity of adaptation to your average job, be a person that is integrates easily in a team that works of form collaborative. And it seeks that seas a person dynamic, with initiative, with confidence in itself same and with ambition in your challenges professional.
  2. Job offers. In Iberia have offers of employment for them put concrete related with its activity as airline, and as can see in your website, iberia.com, or in your web created for this, https://portal.iberia.es/iberiaEmpleo/#, them put that will need cover are of them following groups: personal of attention to the customer in airports, pilots, technical of maintenance aeronautical, graduates University, personal of services auxiliary in airports and crew of cabin of passengers (hostesses / you).
  3. I want to become a pilot. Starting from the profile Basic, each type of since labour has its traits specific. If you are a pilot and want to work as such in the fleet of Iberia and Iberia Express you must meet the following requirements: have the JAR-FCL license in force, the H.T.A-3320 in force, have accreditation in ICAO language proficiency, with a minimum of level 4 in English, and the medical certificate of class 1 in force.
  4. I want to be a flight attendant. For working at Iberia as hostess / or, or in his denomination official, crew member of cabin of passengers, must meet them following issues: be greater of 18 years, have a height minimum of 1.65 cmts., have a level both of Castilian as of English high, be physically in form with the capacity of overcome an evaluation medical and have the Passport European in force.
    Others posts. For all other positions, such as mechanical maintenance, personnel office and customer service, you must send your curriculum vitae by e-mail, once you have registered on its website.
    Cómo trabajar en Iberia
  5. How to apply employment. To request any of them put of work that can offer Iberia must enter in your page of employment (https://portal.iberia.es/iberiaEmpleo/#) and in the column of the left you indicates them steps to follow. In first place you must register you making click in the link called “register you and writes your CV”, where, in addition to your data indicate the since or positions to which you like present. The step two is sign you in the offers that you are looking for and the third implies that will receive notices on the State in that are your requests, entering with your name of user and password.
  6. By e-mail. Also you can send your CV, if you meet those requirements minimum, by mail electronic. If you want to submit to a pilot position, you will have to write to info@iberiaexpress.info. If it is for the position of flight attendant, infotcp@iberiaexpress.info, and if it is for the rest of the jobs on Earth, go to infostaff@iberiaexpress.info. In any case, your curriculum vitae must be drafted in a maximum of two pages and in format PDF.
    To write the email this insurance article will be of interest to you: how to write an email to apply for employment

Tips for How to work at Iberia

  • If you do not meet with any of the requirements required, not send your CV, as will be rejected without major considerations. You must meet all and each one of them, as minimum, and it recommended is that also have the best qualifications and experience possible.
  • If you are studying in the last years of a university degree, consult the possibility of accessing a grant for work in practices in Iberia, thanks to the agreements that the company has signed with many universities.
  • If you are looking for work safe that you find more good tips in our category dedicated to employment and where safe find articles interesting.
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