One of the leaders worldwide in shops distributed by all the world is the Corte Inglés. Always attentive to meet the needs of people, good quality of its merchandise and more than 70 years of experience. This need of the people has made diversification in their products has grown ranging from traditional department store El Corte Ingles to expand to other chains Hipercor, Supercor, Sfera, Telecor, Viajes El Corte Inglés, Bricor, optics 2000 e Informatica El Corte Ingles, etc.

The origin of this great company started in 1890 as a small tailor’s shop in Madrid. Already in 1935, in charge of a new owner, he began a business venture, increasing the size of the building, already three floors thus increasing the amount of 7 employees.

Today, the Group El Corte Inglés has more than 83,000 employees distributed in all the companies of the group. This shows us that it is a good source of employment always pointing to the best care for the satisfaction of the public that visit these stores.

If you are interested to work in this great company at we want to give you some tips so that you know how to work at El Corte Inglés.

What do you need for How to work at El Corte Inglés?


  • A computer
  • Internet

Instructions for How to work at El Corte Inglés

  1. Who want to work in the Corte Inglés must have clear what are the objectives of this business group that, while is originates as a commercial company, today is the main society of a consolidated Group of companies. In order to meet the objectives of service required a major effort, involving the permanent enlargement and improvement of the goods and services offered, proximity to customers, large human resource development and professionalization of staff.
  2. This company combines the experience of employees contributions and innovations of youth.
    Cómo trabajar en El Corte Inglés
  3. Applicants to work for the first time in the Corte Inglés must send a CV to the following e-mail address:
  5. Also can occur that already you has worked there and you are wanting to do it again, you only should update the data, in that case you should send a mail electronic a:
  6. The first thing that you need to select is the place where you want to work, the choices are many: Malaga, Jaen, Madrid, Almeria, Cadiz, Seville, Aragon, Huelva, Asturias, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castile and León, Guadalajara, Barcelona, Talavera of the Queen, Tarragona, Lleida, Valencia, Aragona, Leon, Extremadura, Castellón, Extremadura, Santiago de Compostela, Balearic Islands, Madrid, Murcia, Alicante, Bilbao, Eibar.
  7. You must also choose in which field you want to work:
  8. Power and drinks, banks and insurance, employment news, employment public and training, companies of work temporary, hospitals and clinical, hospitality, leisure and tourism, cleaning and gardening, orientation labor, services, supermarkets and centers commercial, telephony and telecommunications, stores and shops, transportation, gas stations and automotive.
  9. You must send the curriculum according to the place where you want to enter and the item that you are interested in or to which you feel better prepared. It is always convenient to be near your home. For example if you decide that your place of work, by proximity to your home is in Canary Islands you must go the address:
  10. Once you have submitted your resume you can update the data if it is necessary.
  11. We start at the beginning in order to complete and send your curriculum vitae:
  12. Connects your computer to Internet and enter into the web page
  13. Once have entered set you to the right there is a text box where said work at the Corte Inglés. In this section you will see the job vacancies. Only you will have to select what you want and send the curriculum. Recalls that where you should make some modifications can make it entering in the page as it explained above. Anyway we reviewed it:Cómo trabajar en El Corte Inglés
  14. To send the curriculum vitae you must do it: and to update it is can be sent the resume to
  15. Once opened the page of the Corte Inglés of Canary opens the icon that is located in the upper left side.
  16. Let’s review the steps: from your computer enters  el corte Inglés page, you will see 4 windows appearing at the top: El corte Inglés, economic data, press room and social responsibility. Make click with the cursor in the first, either in the Court English.
  17. Are you will open a new screen. On the left there will be a list at the bottom of this click on employment, you will open a new option and right will be shown the list of cities in which you can work.
    Cómo trabajar en El Corte Inglés
  18. You can for example to choose Canary you click there. It will be shown the curriculum with the potions of positions of work, so complete and it send.
  19. You can not only find work through the official website of el corte Inglés, there are other pages as, also is, where El Corte Inglés has its own section of job offers which are updated constantly. Also, through, will have the possibility to see the number of candidates that have presented their curriculum for each one of them posts offered by the company and thus analyze your possibilities. Those candidates who have passed through the filter of human resources and obtained a position in the company, again possibly be called frequently to fill other vacancies, a very positive aspect in times of crisis such as that you are going through currently.

Tips for How to work at El Corte Inglés

  • In our area of work you can find how to apply for work in several well known companies and can have greater opportunities to find the job you’re looking for.
  • If you really wants to work at El Corte Inglés this offers a very good training for their workers, both to level trade as to their customers.
  • To get more information on how get work at the Corte Inglés, do not doubt in go to them different forums that are found in the network.
  • Another advantage of working at the Corte Inglés is that you have so many choices in different places in Spain that you can get the closest and save time, fuel and travel to get to your work.
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