Must have present that Correos is a public company. Do not surprise to know that it is one of the most large companies in Spain with number of workers, since all our country the mail arrives daily from one way or another.

As we can already imagine Correos give us a quality and regularity service, in which they bring home our packages and letters allows us to send them to the rest of the world in a very economic way.

If what we want is enter in this precious world of the mail, we must follow those following steps:

Instructions for How to work at correos

  1. Enter in to the web page of Correos.
  2. Choose “Corporate information” in the menu above.
  3. Then search in the menu of the left: “Human Resources”.
  4. Make click in the description where puts “employment”
  5. Once you are inside you’ll see that there is the word “curriculum” that is linkled to another page, get click in it.
  6. Enter your data and leave your CV.


Cómo trabajar en correos

What do you need for How to work at correos?

  • Computer
  • CV

Tips for How to work at correos

  • Keep in mind that as a public company that is they present the squares that are in competition and through an examination or test people access to it.
  • You should look the page periodically for updates.
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