If you have interest in working in the hypermarket Carrefour we indicate you the steps that you must follow to achieve it. This hypermarket is present throughout Spain and in more than 30 countries, with some 470,000 employee, in its two varieties: Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express. Carrefour offers a wide strip time for its customers, it maintains permanently updated as regards the products that offers as in its comfortable and modern space of sales. There is also a very large variety of products: food, shop, household appliances, leisure, home, travel, sports, and service station for your car, etc. It has its own brand but it includes all major brands of the market always watching the quality and prestige of what sells. And it obviously has its own financial services. Among all these services which provides Carrefour arise thousands of jobs that we want to help you so that you can choose and apply.

There are a wide variety of jobs according to the section in which you want to work, whether it be by your skills, educational preparation, or simply preference. According to the section chosen you will need to send a request for work as we will show you soon.

Read this article in which we will show you how to work at Carrefour.

What do you need for How to work at Carrefour?

  • Information to know all the jobs and options
  • Internet

Instructions for How to work at Carrefour

  1. One of the options to work in Carrefour is in the fresh section. In this section you must ensure the correct handling of food, the knowledge about them should be optimal so that you can advise customers with the greatest possible pleasure, a good salesman is as important as a good product. The fresh section include: greengrocers, charcuterie, fish, bakery, butchery and snack.
  2. You can work as auxiliary of replacement: in this section you must order of that the customers are well informed with regard the prices of the products, that are all in order and clean in their gondolas to the choice of the products is nice and pleasant. This task will include several sections such as food, car, DIY, Bazaar, culture, perfumery, leisure, leisure time, textile, etc.
  3. If you like to work as auxiliary in line of boxes: in this since you must be very well advised to inform to the customers mostly what the shop offers with regard to promotions, card PASS, card CLUB, etc. Attachment the process of charging to each customer with the greater kindness and professionalism since the customer in each moment must feel to try it.
  4. You can also work as an aid in sale of electro: This includes sale of appliances, photography, film and sound. To work in this section you must know the performance, advantages, benefits, difference and everything related to these articles in order to properly advise customers and help them to choose which product is most suitable according to their needs. And as always with the best disposition, kindness and dedication. You must also advise and hold you to regard to the management services of post sale and warranties.
    Cómo trabajar en Carrefour
  5. Alternatively, work as Store Manager: your job here is to be a leader of a team dedicated to the training and constant motivation to the professional team. You can be facing the store of food or of another type. Your work will allow ensuring that all the team meet with their basic principles of attention to the customer putting by frontalways the correct attention and the good image of the hypermarket. You must also be aware of what are the needs of customers to propose changes, improvements both in products and services.
  6. Also you can work in management: in this case you will be the maximum responsible of the shop supervising each day before the opening to the public that all is in conditions to receive the customers in optimal conditions. You control the staff always creating a favourable climate and verifying that the computer carries out its work in perfect condition. You have to control to make sales with the best attention from the team permanently motivating to do so, is seeking to provide the team’s continuous training that benefits all.
  7. You can enter working as a travel agent: in this case you must advise customers of tickets for events, travel, vacation packages, booking hotels and flights. Advice and sale must ensure the success and customer satisfaction.
  8. You also can be interested in working in the stand of finance and insurance: you must have a good preparation for advising to the customers on insurance of life, insurance of the home, vehicles, et. You will have to know how to prepare estimates of financing of purchases that make in the store and be willing to promote the facilities of payments thatshop offers to make customer feel that buying that wants to do is really convenient.
  9. You can work in intermediate control in headquarters: work here means that you will do for and by the heart of the shop. So it will allow you to develop in areas such as information technology, Marketing, human resources, quality, Property, goods, shopping and more.
  10. Finally you can work in the section of scholarships and practices: the practices in Carrefour are the first step to a successful career in the world of distribution. Those students whose University or business school has an agreement with Carrefour can do practices.
  11. The grants will allow you to work while you study and you can tell as a very good thing that the majority of the fellows were subsequently hired by the company. In order to obtain the scholarship at Carrefour you must perform a series of tests of selection defined by the company.
  12. When you’ve chosen the work area that you like or for which you feel qualified you will have to fill out a form and send it by Internet. To do this you will have to enter the page of Carrefour and look for the corresponding section:
  13. Complete the boxes with your name, phone and Email.
  14. Then you will find a window in which you must choose the province where you want to work. If you play with the cursor the triangle you’ll see that it opens a list of all the provinces in which are the shops. Select by touching with the cursor which are looking for, e.g. Burgos.
  15. Using the same procedure select the profile you are looking for, i.e. all that you explained above, for example line of boxes.
  16. Finally you should write your cv in the space designated. If you read a little more down can see them recommendations to write your curriculum.
    Cómo trabajar en Carrefour
  17. You will also see the advice that gives you the same company to the time of the personal interview
    Cómo trabajar en Carrefour
  18. Finally touch send and good luck to you.

Tips for How to work at Carrefour

  • Visit our job category to find more information about how to find a job or search a job at several companies.
  • Complete the forms correctly according to the chosen area of work.
  • When you go to a job interview attempts to go well dress, neatly groomed, express yourself clearly, answering what they ask you, prove safety and good presence and interest in working in the chosen company.
  • Internalize you of all what to the company is concerned.
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