It is very important to learn how to monitor staff, because when we have the job of Manager or supervisor and we are responsible to monitor the behavior and the tasks of the employees or subordinates, we must take into account the attitude that we have with them and the way in which we play our surveillance could cause certain negative perception employees, altering their emotional state or even impacting working way.

A good supervisor not only must be pending compliance with the job requirements demanded by the activity that the employee performs, also must take care to not pass the line between being a responsible supervisor and a supervisor apathetic and exaggerated. Although not can pass by high attitudes negative of our employees, with modals and the education we can help to work with harmony and get the best advantage of our work.

For this reason is that we want to give you some instructions and tips throughout this article so you understand how to monitor staff with in an efficient way, correct and polite. Without moving from one end to another, you can meet with your work and at the same time optimize the performance of your employees in the best possible way.

What do you need for How to monitor staff?

  • Trust
  • Leadership
  • Enthusiasm
  • Objectivity
  • Patience
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Rationality
  • Criterion

Instructions for How to monitor staff

  1. When we are coordinators or managers and entrusted us accomplish a task in which we have to direct or supervise a group of volunteers or employees so that they can comply with the tasks of such work, it is important to have a positive attitude but responsible and congruent, without ignore any unfavorable attitude or unprofessional of our subordinates and get to the point of seeming a demanding little comprehensive and nothing friendly dictators.
  2. It is important to begin with a friendly and polite attitude towards our employees or people to whom we have to supervise. If we behave in a friendly and respectful way, we will avoid create the most possible tension that may exist between the employee and the Manager or coordinator. When people start with a positive attitude to the work, being that this attitude is shared between employee and superior, both coexistence and teamwork is more practical, optimal and simple.How to monitor staff
  3. Is very important that to avoid problems when have work in team, have in clear what is the task that the people goes to make in the team, and also the supervisor will have that watch that those tasks have with their due compliance. If have with the knowledge sufficient to guide to our subordinate on them activities that van to perform along that work, once they have in clear what is what should make, will be much more easy work in harmony.
  4. When we fear that our subordinates are doing a task incorrectly or slowly, it is preferable to evaluate the situation and advise or direct the person so that it can perform this activity more easily. This not only will facilitate the work of the employee, but also we will remove much weight of over at the time of going monitoring to that person.How to monitor staff
  5. It is also convenient to ask the employees if they have any questions or problems go to you, and you explain it to them. In this way you can point to that person on what is wrong and how you can correct it. It is also important that when we see that there is irrational stubbornness at the employee or insistence on a task incorrectly, you should draw your attention to avoid this kind of negative behaviors.
  6. Have a character and firm attitude, but by no means hostile or violent. The idea is to show that as vigilantes are the authority in charge of ensuring compliance of activities that are laboring. Therefore even the details should be taken into account and we should not be ignored nor should we omit information. As coordinator is your duty to monitor the proper progress of which team you are in charge.How to monitor staff
  7. It is very important to keep calm. While we have a strong and impartial attitude to some extent, not remain calm in any situation where an employee gets us riled up, will only make us look unprofessional and insufficiently able to lead a team. However, if we maintain a rational, consistent and calm attitude, ready to receive the best and worst team, it will be much simpler and can be better than we thought. Please have patience. If we not keep calm, we will not do any good, and although we should not overlook negative details when we are watching a team, we must be patient with people whom we are responsible. If we are impatient, negative and aggressively point out every mistake or detail in which we do not agree, just finish by pressing the spirit of employees and create distrust. This attitude will not help the team, to work or to us.How to monitor staff
  8. Must understand that if with previously we said that is important guide to employees whenever is necessary, is because have that meet a work can be very difficult when not is understands well what is what are doing. For this reason you must be calm and behave like a leader, not as a tyrant or dictator.
  9. Treat your employees as you’d really like to treat you if you were in the same situation. Surely you not want screaming or demands. Don’t behave like a mother maternal and sweet. A mellow attitude, too empathic maternal or paternal, could cause certain weariness of employees to you. Remember that employees must see you as a leader, not a dictator or a mom.How to monitor staff
  10. Try not to look too candy or morose and allow your employees to “breathe”. If you spend around them like a helicopter, this could hinder those labors. Its better accommodate our time taking into consideration the periods when employees are working and have specific times to contact employees and looking at how things are going.
  11. Last but not least, you must have confidence in you. Many people feel they are not capable enough to lead a team, we all have the ability to lead when the situation warrants. It’s all about being consistent, rational, objective, critical and optimistic. When we fulfill these requirements Not there is reason to avoid that can perform well our personnel management.How to monitor staff
  12. Simply having enough self-confidence so they can transmit it to others with our attitude. Trust yourself and employees trust you, but employees see insecurity you feel insecure in themselves, because cannot trust that lead a person who does not trust itself and only generates insecurity.

Tips for How to monitor staff

  • We sincerely hope that all the tips and instructions that we give you in this article has been useful to you and help you to be able to perform your best role as Manager, Coordinator or leader of a team.
  • Sometimes it is not wrong to seek advice from our superiors or enable employees to participate bringing ideas or comments.
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