Currently get employment is a process long and complex that requires time and dedication, from the development of our curriculum vitae, until the day in that signed contract, is by this, that for increase the possibilities of be hired, have that focus us in these simple tips that us help to find a job that both wish.

To make our job search get results, it is necessary to give it dynamism, this means that we have to diversify the means for job search, find several ways to reach it. We do not merely to the newspaper, there are different sources to find it, such as the offices of the national employment service (SNE), electronic exchanges of work, job fairs or the pages of some companies or institutions that count with bag work or a place to register your resume. At all of these sites mentioned increases our probability of finding a job.

Instructions for How to look for a job

  1. First than nothing must establish in what field we want to work. Within the area in which we are, there is a spectrum of opportunities for work, but for our way of being, our skills and attitudes, there are some work that we’d much more to perform than others, therefore, the first thing we have to do to look for work is a deep to establish, not only self-assessment which is the work that we would like to do, but the possibilities that we have to do it with guarantees of personal and professional success.
    Cómo buscar trabajo
  2. Then we should analyse our strengths and weaknesses. Normally one of the typical questions of an interview of work tends to be “tell me your strengths and your weaknesses”, and if you do not have thought in them previously, you can see committed and put in risk the interview.
  3. On the other hand in preparing our curriculum, strengths and weaknesses play a fundamental role, since it is the first thing to look for the person who looks at our curriculum, and decide if it gives us an opportunity or not, according to this.
  4. In the curriculum vitae must highlight, in not more than two pages, and in clear and concise way, the information on our personal data, schooling and labor experience. The curriculum must look attractive and emphasize our greatest attributes as an employee and as a person.
  5. Before going to the interview, it is advisable that we investigate what the company is dedicated to, its mission, its vision, achievements and, most importantly, that we investigate on the position that you are applying us, is essential and will allow us to see that we have interest in being part of his team.
    Cómo buscar trabajo
  6. The time of the interview is ideal to demonstrate our strengths and capabilities to the recruiter and us who we stay with the job. It is important that when we go to the interview, assume a positive attitude and success, if we believe beforehand that you do not cover with profile being requested, only you will be blocking our efforts and that negativity will be reflected against the employer.
  7. Then if we already passed the stage of the interview with success and as it thought, now, must prepare us to enter to the stage of evaluation and psychometric tests. Let us remember that we must always project an attitude of success and security in ourself.
  8. If we spent this last work evaluation it will be our, we will put the best of ourselves every day and improve ourselves constantly for the day of tomorrow to reach a rise in the company or in a better job.

What do you need for How to look for a job?

  • Mainly be ready and with desire of getting a job
  • Have good presence at the time of present us in any job interview, is very important the first impressing of the person that us going to interview
  • Have a curriculum vitae updated and according to the company where you are going to present it
  • Have a letter of a complete introduction, it goes hand in hand with the curriculum, so should be in accordance with the same.

Tips for How to look for a job

  • If in our search of employment, some employers promised to communicate with us and still don’t have made it, do not let to continue looking for other options; during the wait, opportunities may present with them, we will make a comparison to choose the option that most adapt to their needs and goals.
  • If we do not find jobs that cover our expectations, remember that this can duty, perhaps, need more experience, more knowledge, or develop more skills. To improve also must update the expertise relating to our area or acquire new. If we have a better profile, our odds of finding employment will grow.
  • When it comes to go to an interview the presence and punctuality is the most important to start on the right track.
  • A good letter of presentation before the switch read the curriculum will make that the nomination is more successful. Many times you subtract importance, but without doubt is very important.
  • Good personal references ensure a greater chance that we are called to work and that no doubts our capabilities.
  • If decided to change of work, is important keep contact with our friends, former chiefs and even with family. In many cases, job offers come from people who know us and trust in our potential.
  • If we are looking for employment and the options do not respond to our economic expectations, these can grow if we can demonstrate our capabilities once we are already engaged and keep us in constant training. Thus we will grow within the company and obtain better wages in the short or medium term.
  • If you still are students, must make our practices and/or service social with responsibility and commitment, adopt the paper as if were working fixed in the company. We manifest our skills and knowledge at all times and show the best attitude to learn and much interest in what we do.
  • It is very important that if we do not have employment and have the expectation of looking for a job, let us do not spend much time without resuming the search. Searching a job is a task that requires keep us alert, active and positive, for which, is necessary that focus all our desire and abilities to that activity much luck!
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