In times of crisis to search job is an impossible mission, although there are some companies that actually do very well and offer work.

It is the case of the food chain Mercadona, which currently employs fixed 63.500 persons, who are not few.

So, that although not is your option labor for all the life if that can be your labor option temporary, and who knows to it best for all her life.

Now you just have to know how to get your resume to them, and thus access your labor bag.

Still reading and prepare you for putting you to work:

Instructions for How to get a job in Mercadona

  1. To work for the company Mercadona, first of all have your resume on hand and keep it updated.
  2. Then enter on their website:
  3. Once you have entered in to the website, you will see that on the main page there are different sub categories, one of which is called work with us click on it.
  4. Is open again to another page, in it you can register or you can enter as visitor, to enter the CV you must register you as user. Although without sign up you can see the job options, once registered you can sign up to any of them.
  5. Once you have registered as a user must fill in a form with the basic data of your own, if you prefirieres it also can attach your CV and a photograph of yours, always in JPG format
  6. Click to send and check that the screen get some indication of that shipment has been done correctly.
  7. Now you just have to wait and see if you get a response.

What do you need for How to get a job in Mercadona?

  • Computer.
  • CV.
  • Internet.

Tips for How to get a job in Mercadona

  • Keep in mind that if you only like toknow if there is any offer of employment interesting for you, you can find it without having that register you.


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