In the time that runs the cooperation and the solidarity is have developed in principles vital to the world follow running in some conditions more or less optimal. In this scenario where capitalism reigns and everything is done in Exchange for money, there are many organizations that have emerged to help the most disadvantaged in a free way. And is that is completely necessary that those people that is it can allow perform social work or volunteering, as are some activities very rewarding both for one same as for those that live to our around. Give time to those most in need, deliver part of we have and help as we can, is to put our grain of sand so that the totally unequal world is a little more fair. In this way, if your hands have some time to do social work; devote part of your life to help to people disadvantaged and to causes social, but not know by where begin, today in you explain how to do social work very near your home and of a way very simple.

Instructions for How to do social work

  1. Before looking for an NGO or platform to do social work, we recommend that you reflections about the reason that you have pushed to do the volunteer work. There are many fronts open, by which you must set your objectives in any sector that consider more unfair, alarming, needed, urgent, etc. Of the same mode, mark your availability and your mode of action, as well as your skills and attitudes potential to give it best of you in these volunteers.
    Cómo realizar trabajo social
  2. Once exposed above, you should know that there are many platforms and organizations dedicated to the support of certain groups with basic and/or problematic needs in a voluntary way. So you can inform you and know in what of them like help and point you, then you present and explain some of the more relevant. All that we present you have website, by what you live where live you can get in touch with them.
    Cómo realizar trabajo social
  3. First, here is an online platform that works as a search engine. To access it you must put in your toolbar Internet address In this case, once there, click ‘How to start?’ – appears in the central part of the home-. Introductory instructions read carefully and then select ‘Volunteer Finder’ or ‘Map of volunteering’. Once in this section, you must fill in the fields of search in relation to you. Select the province, the town and the field of action. You will then see the places close to you in those who do volunteer work. A from there, only you must get in touch with the NGO or institution chosen by sending an email to the address provided by the platform.
  4. Now, to facilitate any determined NGO, here we present you two. The first one is called ‘’. In this case, are ahead of a NGO that is different themes related with the adolescence, the children, problems of droga-adiccion, solitude of people greater, etc. Its philosophy is that starting from small things is can make large changes and, by this, opens to the provision of all that that wants to do a volunteer his participation in several initiatives. Do missing looking for different profiles of volunteers, by what there can find your opportunity.
    Cómo realizar trabajo social
  5. If you can get to interest this type of volunteering and/or like inform you can enter in your website official (only must enter this address in your Finder and will be the first of them options). A time there, you can choose your country, province, availability time, thematic, etc.-options to mark in the bar vertical located in the side left-. Thus, you can choose those most suited to your preferences and motivations initiatives. For to put you in contact with the NGO, you must select it initiative that more you like and give to the square pink ‘ Me interested in ‘-always under the explanation of the offer-. Automatically opens you a tab to enter your basic information and to request volunteering immediately.
    Cómo realizar trabajo social
  6. Thirdly, we have an organization called ‘Fundación Vicente Ferrer’. In this case, it’s an organization with much more extensive screening, awareness campaigns and the axis of decision is here in Spain, but the public needed are those inhabitants of developing countries. Therefore, this Foundation is dedicated to enhance education, to improve health and to defend women and disadvantaged groups of countries – mostly African – in precarious conditions.
  7. If you want help in this organization, must Access to its place web official and access to the tab ‘ what you can do ‘-located in the part superior of the page of home-. In this case, you open several options: make a donation, sponsor a child or a woman, solidarity-based initiatives and join our team. If what your like is make work social, you must select an of the two last options. Solidarity initiatives are such as: yoga solidarity, solidarity-based meals, solidarity careers Selecting an of these activities can register you to participate in them-only must fill some data basic on you-. On the other hand, if like join you to the team, you will give the possibility of performing volunteer here in Spain or in the India; You must select the option you want and fill in the contact form, communicate with you soon.
    Cómo realizar trabajo social

What do you need for How to do social work?

  • Time.
  • Dedication.
  • Altruism.
  • Ideas.
  • Principles of cooperation, solidarity and justice.

Tips for How to do social work

  • Finally, you should know that there are many NGOs of very different problems and issues. For this reason, you can investigate putting on your ‘Environmental NGO volunteer work’ usual Web-browser, for example. I.e., you can direct your search according to your preferences and concerns.
    Cómo realizar trabajo social
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