When is is of a process of application of work, must know from the first time that all what you do matter. Many times we think that is more important the Curriculum vitae that the letter of presentation, that makes that us forget of it important that also can be for our prospects of working.

“The letter of presentation is an opportunity for you say to the responsible of resources human why your are the person perfect for the work,” Peggy Padalino, Vice President of JobFox. “It is also the place so that you can show that you have good communication skills.

Instructions for How to do a presentation letter

  1. Put as addressee of the letter directly to the director of human resources. If the name of this person not is in the offer of work that you are interested in or in the information that have retrieved, get the effort extra of call or write to the company and find out it.
  2. Do not repeat repeatedly your story work. The purpose of the drafting of a letter of presentation has that be the of concentrate you in why should have you since you work. Otherwise, there is no reason to make this amend.
  3. It is a professional document, so use a vocabulary that is professional and friendly. Keep in mind that it is one thing to be creative in drafting and quite another vulgar.
  4. Make sure that the reader knows that you’ve done a preliminary investigation before writing the letter. Get know that know to the company and its goals, and explain how you would like to help you to achieve those goals.
  5. Always close your cover letter with a statement of intent. Tell the reader what these thinking about making ahead – for example, call in a week or two for your feedback.
  6. Try that the wording not occupy more than one page. Your cover letter is an introduction to it. Is means that you must demonstrate that has strong skills of communication. Be brief and concise.
  7. Show to the responsible of human resources that you would be a good match based on your skills. This is a trick that Padalino recommended: make two columns on the cover letter. On the one hand, writes the list of the five main requirements that the company requires, and by the other, the list of how you samples to each need.

What do you need for How to do a presentation letter?

  • Paper
  • Clear ideas
  • Information about the company you are applying to


Tips for How to do a presentation letter

  • Make a draft foresaw to the letter end to replace the information or add if miss.
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