In this article we show you how to recognize the harassment at work that you are attentive and it passes by this type of psychological aggression which can leave indelible traces in your personality. It is important to know if attitudes of employers towards employees can that they mean psychological harassment can lead to diseases of the worker. This work harassment is called also “mobbing” If persists in the time can result in a depressive state of the worker. Moral harassment at work leaves traces that are not deleted in people that can range from a post-traumatic stress to an experience of recurrent embarrassment until changes in the personality of the concerned person.

The employer must provide security and decent working conditions by adopting the necessary measures to avoid damage to the person or dignity of the worker (hygiene, safety, periods of rest, etc. All conduct from the employer that is stake to these measures will be considered as mobbing, for example: do not let you use health, do not respect you them schedules of breaks, you make works for don`t be hired, etc. Workplace harassment can not only come from Chief or a superior but also of colleagues whose objective is that that person will in the workplace and this ends up doing in order not to suffer more. Usually there are verbal violence so that there is no visible damage, threats, permanent persecution, etc. It worst of all is that sometimes the victim of harassment labour not is da has of what you is happening, others times decides to support it all to not lose the work, by need and others times ends sick is with damage psychological serious. We will see how to recognize the work harassment:

What do you need for How to recognize the workplace harassment?

  • Identify attitudes of the harasser or harassers.
  • Inform superiors, make public the facts so that it will not be repeated.

Instructions for How to recognize the workplace harassment

  1. Is called mobbing or work harassment to that repetitive conduct abusive expressed in verbal form, written or by gestures that attentive against the personality, dignity and integrity physical or psychic of a person putting in danger their employment or environment of work. It is similar although in a different context to the bullying, the latter in the school environment. The effects are similar.
  2. Usually the harassment is from a top to an employee but also can be from an employee to another so this can not ascend and there are cases in that can be from an employee towards his head although seems strange. Harassment may be based on racism, sex and to sexual harassment.
  3. The most common attitudes that a person has towards another in case of work harassment are: denigrate, ignore, slandering, blame and don not leave to be defended, do not leave to say, hide information so do not able to perform its work, overload it with work, make the person feel ridiculous, shout you ahead of the other employees, attack already is verbally or physically, put obstacles to be able to promoted, to be better, etc
    Cómo reconocer el acoso laboral
  4. A stalker makes a difference with the employee in front of others. Always will seek the opportunity of ridicule it faced with their collegues, it will blame of all bad thing that happen, or in some cases it discriminate ignoring it. When there is that difference permanently are in a case of work harassment.
  5. Another type of stalker is that shouts, insults and verbally abused, in general faces most trusted employees.
    The defamation is another form of harassment, which enjoys speaking badly of other making them believe to the others that what says on he is true. These slanders is oriented more to labor, to the performance, to which represents for the company, do not both to do it personal.
  6. Fighting and demanding work in excess also harasses an employee, knowing that such amount of work can not be completed in the time required it is subjected to a stress over that will end with the health of the employee.
    Cómo reconocer el acoso laboral
  7. A stalker will handle employee harassed unduly in the way both times dressing as in the way of doing their work, prevent from to try to ascend or change of scope of work.
  8. People who suffer from workplace harassment should not allow this to happen more than once. The problem lies in that the harassed usually have weak personalities and facing the stalker is still making weaker.
  9. Ideally, before the harassment the victim concerned to point out that it is being abused. Do it in a good way, without anger or aggression. If this does not works it is time to get to who runs the company. Be sure to make the situation public. And if you finally end up giving will have won the battle the stalker.
  10. In the work harassment or mobbing there is a marked intention from the harassing of void, humiliate and remove to its victim. Sometimes this occurs by simple envy, low self-esteem or bad control of understood by the harasser.
    Cómo reconocer el acoso laboral
  11. The harassing is the person that suddenly feels the impulsive need of attack to someone that seems weaker, the weak is because thay want to show it strengh, has complex of inferiority, is irritable, aggressive, arrogant, he likes to be admired (has all under control).
  12. How can you realise if you start to be a victim of workplace harassment? For example when begin to question your work, use lies to discredit it, you ridicule without reason, leave of talk you or of share moments as it did always. All these things van appearing slowly and you will affect emotionally. You must be careful becausedo  not always the workplace harassment begins with shouting or aggression.

Tips for How to recognize the workplace harassment

  • If you see cases of workplace harassment in your place of work you should speak with human resources and denounce it. It could happen to you also.
  • Do not trust because many times the workplace harassing appears to be friendly ahead of the others and seeks the conducive moment to begin to attack to his victim.
  • If you feel that you are victim of workplace harassment seek help and support in good companions of work, in the family, friends, representatives Union, professional help, etc. Of course, let it all documented and if it is necessary to report it to the labour courts.
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