If you are unemployed, if you are autonomous or if you work in any company, you can resort to the National Institute of employment (INEM), since has with some resources for helping to the people with these characteristics. It offers courses so that people can become professionally and then they can search and find a job, or else expand their training and work experience. Here you will teach you how operate these courses and in what way can benefit you. Come on it is very quick and easy!

Instructions for How the Inem courses work

  1. It first that we have that make for to benefit us of them courses that offers the Inem is give us of high in said place. Is which is the situation labour can benefit us, but to this must comply with them conditions of be given of high and of keep the card to the day with their corresponding card.
  2. As the offering in each autonomous city is different, we can check the information on each course on the website of any of them. So can inform us on schedules, what are those courses, those places where the taught, etc.
  3. Depending on the autonomous city, must fill a tab on internet to sign us and them we will contact. Thus, for some courses, we also have to contact us directly with the Center.
  4. After finishing with the papers for the registration, the Center often call to some students to do an interview and so know if they are trained or not to perform the course. This in the case of being face-to-face with several hours, needed some level.
  5. There are other courses that are Online to distance, where the Center tracked. These courses are of a few hours, but the lack of permitted assists, leads to expulsion from the course.
  6. When we have finished the course, a diploma of recognition and assistance is delivered. They are not approved with validity in entities official, but yes you can show as complement to get a job.

What do you need for How the Inem courses work?

  • Sign up in the INEM
  • Have your card a day
  • Have all the documentation required


Tips for How the Inem courses work

  • Once you begin to work, you must follow sealing card to be able to continue to benefit you of the training program.
  • Remember that you must not have many absences, this could cause that you do not deliver the diploma for having done the course. Also have all the assistance benefits you in your professional training.
  • If you still have doubts about how the Inem courses work, see our tutorial video with all the necessary information.



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