Know how much I am going to collect unemployment is the question that most people have ask, unfortunately, in recent times, and even though the Government says that she is working to reduce unemployment, a lot the people have not job and has to charge is providing.

No everyone can collect this money since requirements must be completed such as, being quoted at least 360 days over the past 6 years, commit to seek employment during the period that you are charging is provision and finally as the company who has restricted your contract and not yourself.

Once you know that you meet these requirements continue reading and know how much you are going to collect.

Instructions for How I know how much I am going to collect from unemployment

There are two ways, we are going to tell them below:

option 1:

  1. Enter into Internet.
  2. Write in the search box: program Easy Calc performance, which we find in the electronic office of the Ministry of employment and social security.
  3. A time in she, really that there are two options: “has finished his contract and wants to know what provision or subsidy you corresponds” or “has exhausted the provision contributory by unemployment and want to know if has right to subsidy”.
  4. Chosen the option, you must enter your data, you must keep in mind that if you have not made your vacation, you have the right to enjoy them and therefore your contract don’t be cancelled untill you have enjoyed them.
  5. Finally fill in details that order you using your working life paper, that if you don’t, you can request online without any problem.


Option two:

  1. Find your last payroll.
  2. Look where puts “Base of quote by contingencies professional and concepts of fundraising joint” of the number that comes out of here must calculate the 70% that will be what will charge the 6 first months after this time you will have the right to collect a 60%.
  3. Once calculated you must subtract the 4.7% of contribution to social security and income tax.

What do you need for How I know how much I am going to collect from unemployment?

  • Working life paper
  • Payslip.
  • Computer
  • Internet

Tips for How I know how much I am going to collect from unemployment

  • Have clear if you comply with those requirements.
  • You have on hand the last payslip and your working life paper.


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