A bad boss is one of the worst cancers that may be offered in an office, company or business. Work with a person that do not know manage and delegate in the rest of professional with which is located, is a real problem that implies serious losses for many business and companies. It’s employees whose negativity and whose acts finally undermine productivity and the patience of his companions. And this is not the worst case, in many cases a bad boss can produce such anguish in an employee that finished  because of serious problems of stress and of health that easily could  be solve if the company get rid of this type of profiles.

But, would you like to really know how to detect a bad boss?

Not all bad bosses share the same bad characteristics. Some can be bad by a reason, as for example the lack of delegation, and other bosses can be bad for other very different issues. In this article of doncomos we want you to learn the elements with which to detect to a bad boss. If in your environment are a professional that meets or several of these features, be care! Probably you find before a bad boss that is not going to make your life easy. Let’s see some of those more usual profiles.
Cómo detectar a un mal jefe


How to detect a bad boss: the undecided profile

  1. The undecided bad boss is one that will prevent all means have to make complicated decisions, which will take you to postpone them “for tomorrow” if we are lucky or, in the worst cases, to expect that these situations are resolved on their own.
  2. Is is of a profile of Chief that usually characterize is by a lack of confidence full in his own work, normally produced by the little experience in this charge or by its lack of capacity for delegate functions in to other professional that are surround in the performance of their labors.
  3. The greater problem of this profile is that they eschew all them problems (and therefore the possible solutions) until the last moment, so it can have disastrous consequences both for the companies, for him, as for their employees.
  4. If you want to achieve remove benefits and facing this “bad boss”, it is simple, but will require a great effort, patience and hard hand: you must to force him to take the decisions, but of such way that think that it is his own idea. You should never commit the error to show them that they have lost control and are waiting until the last moment. With this type of profile, you can act giving your options about that choice. At this mode do not feel at any time that have lost the power or the control of the situation.
    Cómo detectar a un mal jefe

How to detect a bad boss: profile with entourage

  1. This type of head is characterized by “claps” (giving claps) all decisions that take, appropriate, or not, and so, therefore, their offer their attention to this part of the team.
  2. The chief with entourage always take care their projects more juicy and interesting to those with which they feel more comfortable, regardless of it was worth professional that have. In many occasions, there are large professional whose labour capacity are completely missed by fault of this type of heads.
  3. This situation causes states of mood very irregular between those employees  so it converts in an authentic pump of watchmaking. A employee that is silent before a Chief with favorite will end by missed his own talent or by thinking that not worth for the since of work that is playing.
  4. In these cases in which is impossible fight against the turnout and get a try, at least just within your own Department, many experts advise that you decide to do your assert in other departments. Perhaps it put them jealousy this is the best opportunity that can have for your Chief to values your work and start to consider you for new and interesting projects.
    Cómo detectar a un mal jefe

How to detect a bad boss: the tireless innovator

  1. This type of boss, well controlled, can achieve real wonders among their teams although is concerned of a bad chief at first instance. The innovative are those bosses that are at the last of absolutely all and that are capable of have ideas, bright and not so bright, uninterrupted during all the day labor.
  2. The ideas of this profile so innovatived happen so fast that it is impossible to be able to apply them if it don’t regard some time to process them and put them up.
  3. The greater problem of the visionaries is that do not allow that their employees to focus in what have between hands, because, in question of days, probably that same idea is rejected in favor to another great occurrence that there is that put underway as soon as possible. This situation forces to those employees to work in an environment of full uncertainty that do not allows enhance their knowledge or give foot to project of their own ideas.
  4. It is more easy with this type of geniuses, is to put at their height. By this we mean that you also must be the last of all and be able to propose your own ideas, to make, in the not-too-distant future, your proposal which takes place, allowing you to at least know it and develop it more easily.
  5. The good thing about these bosses is getting a great motivation for certain types of employee profiles. The trouble is that they are fireproof and can finish with the patience and know-how of his employees.
    Cómo detectar a un mal jefe

How detect a bad boss: the inexhaustible driver

  1. Perhaps this profile of wrong chief is one of the worst with which you can be bumping along your professional life. It’s a compulsively driver manager that will always be on top of you watching every step you do.
  2. If you read 1984, you know what is the “big brother” and rest assured that your driver boss is something very similar. The worst of these profiles is that they do not let rest to their employees. They are always pending of absolutely all what they do, expecting that they commit an error at any moment. This is a so stressful situation ending up cause uneasiness among employees and makes them lose full confidence in themselves, their instinct and as their good acts as qualified professionals.
  3. I have had to face this type of boss and I assure you that the best way to “calm him” is giving him to try his own medicine. Not only must to have a tight control of absolutely all the paragraphs of your project, but also is beneficial that reports promptly of each negotiation, of each step, so your controlling chief is feel satisfied.
  4. The next level to get full respect from this type of boss, is pass to be you the controller. Try to bring important ideas, help him with your own projects and demonstrate  interest in your work and profession. You’ll see how, very soon, he will leave from disturbing you and control you. It is even likely that finish making you a essential part of the team because of it. But, it is more important, that finally you can work quiet and without being interrupted each second.
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