Although gradually we are going out of the economic crisis in that were plunged and day to day van emerging more offers of work still there are thousands of unemployed that seek work. In this context must put our sights in the companies more important and flourishing. An of these is Coca Cola. It is an international company that sells in the greater part of the countries of the world. Although the crisis has also affected it continues growing. Therefore it’s a good choice to try to find work in it.

However most people do not know how to get a job at Coca-Cola, or in other similar corporations. We are accustomed to our nominations when a job is offered or delivering our curriculum in hand in companies, something which is not possible in Coca-Cola.

As well, if you are interested in get a job at Coca-Cola and do not know how you should do, do not worry you because in this article is explained step by step. Pay attention, preparing your CV and letter of presentation and… good luck!

What do you need for How to get a job at Coca-Cola?

  • Internet
  • Updated CV
  • Presentation letter

Instructions for How to get a job at Coca-Cola

  1. Access to their web page. As happens in all the big companies all information of interest to Coca-Cola you can find it on their website:
  2. It is likely that once the page has loaded you are not too sure to where you have to look for the information that interests you. There are many sections and all of them offer much information. What you should do is click on the word about us.
  3. In this new page you can observe, as occurred in the previous, that there are several sections. In this case you must click on human resources, the human resources section, which is located at the right top.
  4. From the human resources section, you can access to the job offers. So only have to do click on European Careers. This option is located in the middle (slightly downward) of the screen.
    Cómo conseguir trabajo en Coca-Cola
  5. The next screen is quite interesting. In it you can see quite varied information regarding the different locations of the company and to the profile you are looking for in their workers. Ojea all this information since you will be very useful for design your curriculum and letter of presentation based on what the company looks for in each candidate.
    Cómo conseguir trabajo en Coca-Cola
  6. In the section “Discover where your skills fit”, to the right of it, you can click on current vacancies to observe the labour employment offer. As you can also see there is a section dedicated to internship in the company.
  7. Look for the currently vacants in your location and sector that you are interested in and send your curriculum. At certain times you will discover that not there are vacancies free. This is common and will mean that the company does not need anyone at that particular moment. However this does not mean that can not send your resume. Always there is the option to send your CV of form free so your curriculum form part of the database of Coca-Cola.
  8. Remember to design your curriculum according to the needs of the company. As already have mentioned Coca-Cola offers an information very useful on the type of profile that looks for in their workers. Orients your curriculum to said profile highlighting your points strong and what you can offer to the company. Find a job at Coca-Cola can take some time: don’t get discouraged!

Tips for How to get a job at Coca-Cola

  • Send your CV regularly. Remember that the Coca-Cola company is one of the most powerful in the world and that they receive hundreds of resumes each month. Is very possible that the first time that send your candidature is not be accepted. Not must discourage you and agrees that every x months try of update your candidacy. In this type of large companies, it is almost impossible to store all curricula that already receive the volume of these is enormous. This means that the curriculum more ancient is van eliminating of form periodic. Therefore you must update your candidacy frequently so this do not happen and do not leave of the database of the company.                                          Cómo conseguir trabajo en Coca-Cola
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