In our blog we have already spoken repeatedly about the abuse, workplace harassment, also known as mobbing. In today’s article we will explain step by step how to denounce work harassment. Workplace harassment is one of the big problems in the world of work. In these conditions of abuse always there is an abusive or even that haunts to an or several victims. The survivors often suffer attacks of anxiety and depression and can see their capabilities professional and emotional very limitted.

If you want to learn to recognize the work harassment I recommend you to read this article

Something very important is to recognize a situation of work harassment and report it. If ever recognized any situation of this type you must report it immediately. The passivity of other classmates and colleagues to this type of behavior does more than reinforce the abuse that the stalker is making. Therefore, each and every one of us must learn to recognize such situations and know how to denounce work harassment to be able to end it in the fastest and most effective way possible.

The denunciation of work harassment consists of a series of legal actions that help defend the rights of the worker or harassed worker. It is a series of tools and protocols that have been extremely useful to put an end to the harassment at work. If you want to know more about how to denounce the workplace harassment continue reading, then you have all what need know to the respect:

What do you need for How to denounce workplace harassment?

  • Legal Advice

Instructions for How to denounce workplace harassment

  1. Get in touch with professionals: from the moment in which detect na situation like this should go to professionals. We are faced with a very complex situations in which it is very difficult to act. It more likely is that not can put them end by you same / to even if that is your intention. So the first thing you should do is go to professionals who can advise you and help you. If you are the victim of the abuse should go also to a psychologist that you help to neutralize those effects psychological negative of the abuse that has State suffering.
  2. Go to the Committee of safety and health: all the big companies have with this type of Committee. Must report the situation to them and will be them members of this Committee which is put in contact with the representative of them workers for is of home to a research.
  3. Inform the company: this is a very important step that you should not skip any time. Before making the legal complaint timely must warn whenever there are to your company. The report must be present by written and by duplicate. A copy will be for you and one for the company. In your copy should include that the company has received his exemplary. In this way will be written evidence of the process.
    Cómo denunciar el maltrato laboral
  4. Meetings with the company: the most common is that from the time of the legal complaint several meetings are carried out. These must be carried out in the presence of a legal adviser, a lawyer, or a trade union Adviser.
  5. Various legal measures: there are different measures that can be carried out. The first of these is the administrative, through which you can ask for an inspection of work. Also exists the measured judicial for which will have that contract to a lawyer that you advise and represent along all the process.

Tips for How to denounce workplace harassment

  • Denouncing this type of case is something very important. Recalls that of not making it the situation will go each time to worse.
  • No matter if you are not the victim of the abuse. If you have detected it is important that you denuncies it. You will be doing a great please to the person battered and, of course, will be doing it correct.
  • In some cases denouncing this type of abuse can be difficult. Especially when the perpetrator is one of your leaders. For this reason, you must report it immediately and rest assured that all your conversations with lawyers will be confidential.
  • If  work harassment has led to the limit and has led to some illness, psychological or physical, on victims of abuse are eligible to receive a corresponding pension Social Security. Of course to get all this will be necessary reports medical that prove it happened.
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