You must know that the way to introduce yourself completely depends on the situation and the moment in which you are, it is not the same an introduction in an interview for a job than in a seminar or in a casual meeting with friends and unknown people in the group.

When introducing in general are important words and often the type of physical contact.

Despite being a complex issue, there are some guidelines that you should always follow whatever the context in which you find yourself. We are going to give you some tips to show you how to introduce yourself.

Instructions for How to introduce yourself

  1. When you are introducing yourself, you always must to look in the eye of the other person. You demonstrate trust and confidence in yourself. With the visual contact you say subtly that you are paying attention to the other person, and he has all your interest. Thanks to the visual contact you will connect quickly with the other person.
    If for you is uncomfortable look directly to the eyes there is a trick that you can use and the other person will notice nothing. Look to the eyebrows!
    Remember that if you are talking to more than one people you should look at them all in the eyes one alternately during the conversation.
  2. Your corporal language should also indicate them confidence and security. You must transmit peace and tranquility while you are talking. keep the back straight and the head upright. In addition, your movements should follow the same rhythm of the conversation.
  3. The smile will be your best friend, with it you will show yourself close, friendly and accessible. You must show how happy you are to know the other person, even more, it will be more real if your eyes and your face are expressing in connection with your smile and you are only using a false smile. Believe yourself how happy you are in that moment.
    How to introduce yourself
  4. When you are going to introduce yourself to a person you can use a general greeting and then enter your name. This will vary if you want to do it in a formal or informal way. For example, if it is a formal presentation, it could be: “Good morning, my name is Juan García” and whether it’s an informal introduction: “Good morning, I am Juan”. Whenever it is a formal presentation you must indicate your name and your surname. Once the other person respond and you submit a pleasantly reply with an expression of the type “Nice to meet you, Antonio”. You must always repeat the name of the other person, so you know that you’ve listened to him and has your attention. Also will help you to remember the name if later you must mention it.
  5. Normal greeting in cultural speaking. In many countries, as in Spain, when we performed an introduction this includes a handshake. This don’t must be loose, or not too tight. You squeeze with security and firmness while you keep the visual contact. If already there is a previous relationship and some of confidence is frequent accompany the handshake with a slap on the back.
    In other cultures, such as chinese it is normal to greet with a reverence, without touching the other person. In France is usual greeting giving two kisses and in Latin America giving only one.
    How to introduce yourself
  6. If really don’t know what are the more appropriate manners, or amount of kisses, etc, look to your environment and copy them, and if not, wait to the other person to give the first step talking about gestures, but the best thing you can do is investigate a little on the person that you are going to know and his culture before introducing yourself.
    How to introduce yourself
  7. After the introduction ask him some questions and strike up a conversation, perhaps you can also tell something about you to continue the conversation, but remember that very personal and private things should not go out on a first introduction.
  8. If you are going to make a speech, before anything start introducing yourself. Greet to the group that are going to listen to you and tell them a little about yourself, normally is leverages to tell your experience and what qualificate yourself to give that speech.
    How to introduce yourself

What do you need for How to introduce yourself?

  • Keep visual contact
  • Greet and introduce your name
  • Physical greeting if it is necessary
  • Other

Tips for How to introduce yourself

  • Remember that the presentation serves you to give a good impression.
  • To the greet to a woman avoids give you a kiss, normally will be the woman that decide if is appropriate or not.
  • When you are going to introduce yourself choose an opportunity when the person that you are going to greet is not speaking with another person or gotten into a discussion, because it will be rude and you will make a bad impression.
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