The emotional intelligence is a set of psychological skills that we allow, os a balanced mode, express our emotions and understand them of the others. The emotional intelligence guide our behavior.

It is characterized by power that auto motivate us, grant us the capacity of insist before the frustrations, control the impulses, regular our states of mood to live with other people already in the field family, labor, etc.

The domain that a person will reach about these skills of emotional intelligence will make a difference regarding advance who happily into life, dodging difficulties or who do not find output with the least difficulty.

In the labor field the emotional intelligence plays a role very important, both that is calculates that the 65% of the work success is due to the competent emotional, i.e. make a good use of the intelligence emotional.

Must not only be emotional competent with himself (self regulate, motivate, etc.) but with others (have empathy, to be able to influence on the other, persuade, etc.)

In we will give you some tips so that you know how to apply emotional intelligence at work and achieve to be successful in what you propose to do.

It is important in the world of work to be able to resolve conflicts, convince others, establish consensus, recognizing the point of view of the other and work as a team and at the same time knowing how to express what you think or feel without dismissing what others do or think.

What do you need for How to apply emotional intelligence at work?

  • Know yourself
  • Learn to manage your emotions at work
  • Encourage yourself and the others
  • Observe attitudes, gestures, listen, communicate

Instructions for How to apply emotional intelligence at work

  1. Is known that a certificate of studies, be good to the numbers or have any specific skill or be very smart do not ensures be successfull at work. Many will ask why some people have both success and thrive in their career or instead of works and others can not do it if perhaps they have all the basic tools. What is what marks the difference?
    Cómo aplicar la inteligencia emocional en el trabajo
  2. There are five pillars who hold emotional intelligence and allow to be recognized by other people at all levels. But specifically in the labor field it is very important at the time of selecting people for giving a job. These are:
  3. It auto awareness that is the capacity of the people to auto control theirself, control their emotions and recognize their own weaknesses and strengths. Also identify what skills and capacities recognize the other people in it.
    Cómo aplicar la inteligencia emocional en el trabajo
  4. The auto regulation is the capacity of knowing review what occurred, analyze their own actions and the results for thinking in a response different and better for the next time that occurs. In the companies, when is selected new personal to work, they give much importance to the experiences vivid, to the reaction of the person and if was capable to continue forward. This is a kind of maturation, synonymous of auto regulation.
  5. Self motivation: means having faith in oneself, in what it is able to achieve to be able to convince others. It is an attitude towards life and it must be achieved and form from small. The person who does not believe in itself will have many difficulties to achieve it in adulthood.
  6. Empathy: is the ability to put in the place of the other to know as it will influence what I say about the emotional intelligence of the other and the impact assessment.
    Cómo aplicar la inteligencia emocional en el trabajo
  7. The social skills: while all have social skills because it is learn from the home, in the childhood,it  is good to improve them and practice them observing to who handle the best. A person will be more competent if manages to relate is effectively with the others to induce them to the action required.
  8. Have an strong intelligence emotional is the key for the successful work. While people are more emotional to rational is essential to learn how to contain the emotions and act rationally at any work situation. In addition it will be valued by the other people.
    Cómo aplicar la inteligencia emocional en el trabajo
  9. A boss with a great emotional intelligence know manage best to their employees and thus will make that the company prosper more to which belongs. This type of person will create a strong bond with their coworkers, will know how to handle stressful situations and means better to his colleagues.
  10. It is necessary to balance the emotional intelligence at work:
  11. Analyze oneself, i.e. to know what are the things that can make you react emotionally and what are the common reactions that you have in those cases and try to improve and to change those reactions.
  12. Learn to listen to is not the same as hearing. This means that the people that have good emotional intelligence is truthly interested in when a companion poses a problem personal or not, listen and if doubts or not understand what you are saying get questions to clarify, not you stay with what “think that you say”. This will help you to make more clear and concrete decisions.
    Cómo aplicar la inteligencia emocional en el trabajo
  13. Interpret the body language of others, learn to look at how they act, how they look, how they move. Same issue occurs with yourself because not always the words match what the body, gaze, gestures, etc. This can play you in against.
  14. Identify what things cause you stress. Know what stress you will help you to avoid those sudden emotions that spoil your work or your day. Learn how to manage those emotions facing what you stressed.
    Cómo aplicar la inteligencia emocional en el trabajo

Tips for How to apply emotional intelligence at work

  • Learn to contain the emotions at work. Rationality must be above the emotions.
    Stress. Woman stressed is going crazy pulling her hair in frustration. Close-up of young businesswoman on white.
  • If you can not correct your erroneous attitudes towards work, attend the professional help of a psychologist.
  • Remember that achieving a good handling of the emotions cannot be easy but which implies a constant work.
  • Practice any activity that remove you the stress already is meditation, physical exercise or what you like.
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